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Installation of lighting fixtures in guest rooms

1, guest room lamps installed, should be less set ceiling lamps, chandeliers, set a variety of different uses of the lamp according to the functional requirements, such as bedside lamp, floor lamp, desk lamp, wall lamp, night lights etc.. Incandescent light source to the main. 2, bedside lighting without glare and hand in bed and reading, but also to hand in range switch. 3, bedside lamp with light adjustment. Guest room should be equipped with standby lighting. 4, room lighting should prevent discomfort glare and light reflection. Set on the desk lamp brightness should not be greater than 510cd/ square meters, should not be less than 170cd/ square meters. 5, room lighting mirror and mirror in the bathroom, the lamp should be installed in the field of solid angle 60 degrees outside, the lamp brightness is less than 2100cd/ square meters, bathroom lighting control should be set up in the bathroom door. 6, the door of the room should be equipped with a cut off the refrigerator, the lights outside the power switch.

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