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Lighting art appreciation of new BMW Museum in Munich, Germany

Opened in June 2008, the new BMW museum is a fusion of architecture, display and interactive media as one of the space, known as the bowl museum". Through the spiral ramp, visitors can enter the 5 seemingly floating platform, the museum's display space. Near the bottom of the circular diameter ranging from 20-40m, so that the fourth and fifth exhibition hall has a wide space and open field of vision. The internal space of the "bowl Museum" follows the original structure and experience. Only in the lighting and other details of the polished more scientific and technological sense, a large number of use of LE D technology is the biggest feature of the multimedia screen. The design principle of space is to seek individuality in the commonness. This idea through the ART ten C OM to create a set of multimedia space design can be completely realized. The projector and the lighting device, multimedia interactive space formation and the sound effect is the highlight of the whole exhibition space, is a kind of common space, but also can change the content according to the theme of the hall, which become the characteristic of each hall. In addition to the exhibits in the exhibition hall, these multimedia curtain wall can be said to be the second languages of the display space, with more content and meaning. In addition, through this interaction, in this dramatic spatial effect, the enthusiasm of the visitors have been fully mobilized, and feel the surprise and emotional expression of science and technology. From the technical point of view, mainly in the background level, the device does not exist independently, but depends on the structure of the building. Standing on the ramp, the 13m high media wall is quite striking. When people walk on the bridge, when the lights across the "bridge" of the car, the most dramatic scene appeared, followed by short light cars seem to move up, and architectural elements with the surrounding scene vividly reflected in the polished body. In the multimedia lighting effect, the space, the audience seems to move at the same time. The main side of the multimedia facade is about 706m, using about 1 million 700 thousand sets of monochrome white LED products, hidden in the back of the glass plate. 18 projectors play the panoramic image, by Berlin director Mark's chick (MarcTamschick) creation. ART+COM designed the possibility of more than 30 lighting display methods, create a sense of science and technology with the atmosphere, even with some emotional and poetic, melt the volumes, creating a fresh and dynamic spatial dimensions. Through a series of experiences, all kinds of parameters jointly create an unforgettable space experience, and the construction, multimedia technology and BMW brand fully linked. In addition, more elements and the same impression of space, strengthening the structure of the elements of the visual transparency effect. The new museum space lighting actually follows the tradition of this type of design -- Based on the BMW brand philosophy and local environmental factors, all of the designers are based on these two points, fully embodies the historical position of the BMW museum.

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