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Three kinds of lighting design methods in the design of commercial window lighting (Photos)

Three kinds of lighting design methods commonly used in the design of commercial window lighting. Usually in the window lighting, we put the window lighting is divided into: main light, auxiliary light, background light three. Main light: the essence of the main light to create the environment and highlight the main items of light display, it is the top of the snow environment, the characteristics of light effects, light and shadow structure and the shape of the figure. The main light is a bright light in the screen, the most likely to attract people's attention, so it is an important factor in the modeling, composition. The main light source must have a basis, is the main light directly from the environment, the main light shadow, the picture is only allowed to exist in the shadow, lighting processing window lighting division staff first consider the main light, the main light determines the picture light effect and atmosphere. The auxiliary light: is not the main light backlight surface light shines, it determines the scene shading texture and the level of performance, to help the main light shape, light with wide auxiliary lighting, cannot leave a shadow on the object; the auxiliary light intensity is lower than that of the main light, light effect can not destroy the main light. Background light (ambient light): from the object behind or ambient light, mainly in the surface light, set off to play the role of object image, window lighting design, often the shape of an object, and the role of contour contrast foil atmosphere. The effect of a transparent window lighting lighting: lamps installed in the roof window above the average distribution, from the top down, to illuminate the whole window lighting, interior space, to achieve uniform transparent lighting effects. Lighting advantages: high lighting and large areas of light on both sides can attract customers to achieve. Lighting shortcomings: lighting effect of a single, the level of fuzzy, no key points, and to talk about how you spring bed into the column, the light can not change. Optional lamps: embedded downlight, embedded lamp technology: a lamp can be installed before the 1/3 embedded in the window on the roof. Figure two: window lighting effects: focus lighting angle adjustable lamp installed on the roof top of the window, from the top down of lighting, lighting the main display of objects, such as model. Lighting points: illuminate your theme, highlight your focus! Lighting advantages: highlight the theme, is the customer can clearly receive the window display to express to the customer's sense of consciousness and ideas, so that customers can leave a deeper impression. Optional: lighting means embedded spotlights, track lighting technology: the first 1/3 in the window on the roof, the installation of lamps such as: design case design: a key window lighting brand window display requirements in different seasons, window display needs to have changed in different seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter respectively. In order to display different themes, and require different lighting effects to reflect the display theme. Design analysis: window display is changing, a variety of lighting effects coexist, but according to different themes to reflect. Design: the orbital roof spotlights installed in the window, from the top down light, according to the spring and summer, autumn and winter seasons different display themes; Tongtoushi lighting, focus lighting effect, different color and other lighting effect. Technical means: the use of track spotlights, at any time according to the needs of lighting and lighting, mobile lighting installation position, the replacement of color, etc.. Spring: track lighting angle of the light down, uniform white light projection, achieve Tongtoushi lighting effect summer: retain two track lighting, the angle of the light projection to all the model body, realize the key lighting effect of autumn: increased to three spotlights, color into yellow light, to achieve the effect of lighting models focus winter: keep two a track lamp, focus on the realization of the lighting effects, adding other auxiliary lighting business colleagues window lighting source: the actual case appreciation that Internet reproduced eyes convey more information, does not represent the agree with their views and be responsible for its authenticity. If any please contact 1553190422

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