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Lighting engineering design is the link of various disciplines

With the development of science and technology, the design process of the electrical content is richer than in the past in the following aspects have greatly developed: 1) power supply reliability and high quality requirements increase industrial power supply level high pressure deep load center; dual power civil and emergency power supply; power quality in addition to the amplitude of voltage fluctuation the requirements to the frequency and waveform correctness, electromagnetic compatibility index requirements. 2) expand electrical function control of industrial electric from breaking, start and stop to the regulator to flow, speed, frequency, remote from the four to the production line computer distributed control. Civil electrical lighting from the main to the development of transportation - elevator; communications - telephone; air conditioning, closed circuit of a variety of weak and intelligent building cabling. 3) safety requirements more strict security has been involved in four aspects of personal equipment, construction and security of data transmission but also consider relay protection, lightning protection and grounding and equipotential bonding problems. 4) the system is more complicated and more comprehensive only within the building a power supply system, power supply system, data transmission system and equipment automatic control monitoring system. There is a link between each other and contain, both the chain, interlock also has interference, influence. In the field of electrical engineering, electromagnetics, mechanics, power electronics, microelectronics, acoustic optics and computer control have been involved in many fields. As for the whole project design is related to a wider range of disciplines. Therefore, the design is related to the scientific theory, practical technology, economic benefits and national policies and policies in all aspects of the comprehensive application of scientific design is the integration of advanced technology into productive forces. To this end, the design of the quality of the requirements of a more comprehensive knowledge of their components also need to be updated in time. < > Shenzhen electrical construction drawings of a playground are complex

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