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Why lighting design drawings determine the quality of lighting engineering

The design document is arranged for construction project and mainly based on the construction and installation of the fabric is based on technical personnel in the construction process of the professional guidance and supervision of various types of specific implementation to do the design work of the project construction period, quality, cost and investment after the completion of the operation, the comprehensive economic benefit of full reliability and production decides the long the role of. The design quality is directly related to the construction safety and construction efficiency, the slightest mistake will cause a huge waste, leaving no end of trouble for the future accidents. The entire building is in the design of the beginning of the design, and in accordance with the set of training patterns, so it is the construction of the project leader. The exact construction starts with the technical personnel familiar with the design drawings. Often a mistake in the design, construction and does not exclude the risks of the project will bring a corresponding error and perhaps it will bring another hidden even spread more hidden so well the project must first grasp the leading engineering design. Electrical engineering design is an integral part of the whole engineering design.

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