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Three kinds of lighting methods commonly used in lighting design

The first way is to provide general illumination to a region on the general lighting. That is, we often refer to the designer of the environmental lighting, general lighting to provide a comfortable brightness, to ensure the safety of walking, we can see objects. What light? Mo tight, we can use lanterns, wall lamp, embedded lamps, rail lamps, and even can use our outdoor lamps. General lighting is the most basic of our lighting layout. Second lighting lighting task task lighting is to help us complete the special tasks, for example in the book on the desk reading in the laundry room, laundry, kitchen cooking, entertainment, play video games, etc.. We can use the embedded lamps, rail lamps, ceiling lamps, portable lamps. In addition to the use of these lamps, we should pay attention to avoid glare and shadows, and must be bright enough to avoid visual fatigue. Third common lighting lighting key focus lighting can increase the dramatic effect to the room, creating excitement. As an element of the decoration, we can use it for painting, sculpture, and other decorations for lighting, can also be emphasized (such as curtain wall or cloth) material, can also be used for outdoor scene lighting. In the key lighting mode, the illuminance of the central point is three times of the surrounding environment. We can use rail lamps, embedded lamps or wall lamps to meet these. Article source: the Internet is reproduced in the transfer of more information, does not mean that the network agrees with its views and its authenticity. If any please contact 1553190422

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