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Theater stage lighting configuration

Inside the theater stage, there are many common frame type stage, has thrust stage, have island type stage, there are also known as the black box of the stage, because the stage forms are different, so the configuration requirements of lamps and lanterns is not the same. If the ordinary frame type stage, the stage no matter in the reconstruction and the new theater in the past or present is more, so this kind of stage lighting configuration looks much needed and necessary. 
Stage (stage) refers to the picture frame type the play put on by the due to the different requirements for lamps and lanterns also are different, so must clear before with lamps and lanterns at this stage what kind of play is given priority to, the lamps and lanterns of configuration will have a clear goals and intentions. If some is defined in the stage of traditional opera or the ballet is given priority to, the configuration of the lamps and lanterns is must be configured according to the requirement of the opera and ballet. Such as a large song and dance, acrobatics and other special programs is given priority to, the lights in addition to the basic requirements for configuration, should according to the specific program requirements configuration special lights and lamps and lanterns. 
Before in the configuration of lamps and lanterns, first of all, should know the types and the main function and usage of lamps and lanterns. Stage lighting performance here simply introduce some lamps and lanterns, lamps and lanterns for configuration options. 
Spotlight: with spotlights on the stage is to point to in front of the lamp use flat convex condenser is concerned, this kind of lamps and lanterns can adjust the light spot size, the beam is focused, next to the diffuse light is small, power is 0.5 W to 5 kw of kinds, has short, medium and long focal length, depending on the target range distance according to the demand to choose. 
2. The rib lamp: or soft light, but called the spotlight in TV shows. On stage for the difference between the flat convex spotlights loose and soft, so use the diffuse area, sometimes in order to control its diffuse light through the block in front of the mirror with the cover page, its characteristic is light district area is large, don't like the feeling the spotlight has obvious spot, target range, power is 1 kw, 2 kw, etc. 
3. The back light: this light in front of the lens, its brightness is concentrated to bright, to be strong on the stage light and brightness. Is characterized by strong light beam, but should pay attention to when the dimmer focus, unfavorable will focus on the color paper or curtain, such easy to cause burns, in the dimmer, the center often appear "dirty", in order to avoid the "dirty", adding a ring baffle in the center of the lamp front-end, the injection of light and not easy to fold. Now a new reflective bowl on coating line outside after transmission, to reduce the light in front of the temperature, the use effect is very good, the name for the cold light super spotlight, the actual structure and back into the light of the lamp is the same. 
4. Imaging light: or molding lamp, ellipsoid spotlights. Can choose according to need the beam Angle has a variety of applications, the main feature is like the slideshow will flare shapes of cutting square, diamond, triangle, or casting required all sorts of design pattern. 
5. Tube light, or the lamp, lamp light beam, and its structure is within the cylinder under the mirror light bulbs, main feature is that penetrate the fixed beam, beam Angle width of light spot size can adjust. 
6. The heavens and the earth line lamp: 1. The day row lights, high-power astigmatism lamp, used by the irradiation awning with down, light and balanced, large exposure area. 2. The discharge lamp: high-power astigmatism lamp, used to place on the stage, awning bottom up illuminate, into the row of light of lights, up and down. 
Article 7. Astigmatism lamp: elongated, divided into multiple, generally can be divided into three or four kinds of color, in each case with incandescent light bulb 200 w, require all sorts of color from the following, for large area light curtain or curtain use, also can be used for large area equilibrium spread the use of light, all sorts of color of light can also be used at the same time, bring up different colored light. 
8. General astigmatism lamp: such as halogen lamp and ordinary floodlight, mainly evenly to illuminate an area, or some Settings. 
The above introduction of lamps and lanterns, is generally used in the basic stage lamps and lanterns, but the play put on by the because of different form should also configure other types of lamps and lanterns. Such as song and dance party in addition to the basic of lamps and lanterns, extensive use of tube, tube lamp light, all sorts of effects such as lamps and lanterns, and even provide a fog machine, dry ice machine, the flashing light, laser and projection slideshows, and used for cast light after use, reduce light spots, special seamless plastic and so on. 

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