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KTV light design considerations and art requirements

KTV program need beautiful lighting planning to create a space of entertainment atmosphere, the neon of mould has been out of the entertainment space planning, more artistic effect is dominant in the entertainment space, entertainment space design using the latest art element and create a gorgeous amusement space of scientific and technological achievements. By lamp light is an important basis of indoor space environment have vitality, it display space, limited space, create a specific indoor atmosphere, is the important content of interior design. Foshan branch and stage lighting. 
(1) spatial processing 
"There is no light there is no space". The artistic effect of interior space and interior lighting treatment there is a lot to do. Different function, different space should have different ways of arrangement and lighting lamps and lanterns. 
In addition, according to the need of indoor functions, using the light of lamps and lanterns and combining all kinds of display, the layout of furniture, can split out in large space changing each subspace, different areas, so each has a set of independence. At this time, some areas is more clear, the range of line also is clear; Some are relatively fuzzy hazy, statue of light beam form various virtual space. 
Entering the 21st century, with the rapid development of global economy, the improvement of living standards, the entertainment is not in the traditional sense of the concept, already have given more new elements, and has set up a written rapidly developing emerging industries. Twenty years ago we for the concept of leisure clubs refers to cinemas, cafes, tea houses and some club, its connotation and category is quite narrow, can only meet the demand of just meet some of the basic food and clothing, and with the countries in the economic take-off, understanding and experience of entertainment for people gradually synchronized with the world, the modern entertainment Is endowed with new concept. Is sweeping great river north and south of some new forms, such as bars, entertainment industry, dance hall, KTV, sauna room, massage room, night club, etc., and these new forms of period after decorate puts forward new requirements, in the process of traditional later construction and decoration, lighting part of the budget generally accounts for 3% to 5% of total project investment, and new forms of entertainment, the embodiment of illumination and lighting is more important, the role of the lighting part of the investment ratio has accounted for decorate a total investment of 15% to 25%, this shows one spot. 
Lighting design is only part of the decoration design, decoration designers usually for decoration materials and the effect of dimensional colour master can do, and often for lighting design and decorate there is a lack of, especially the application of new elements of lighting design there is the lack of professional or in other ways, often in foreign modern lighting design has become a relatively independent branch of late become a decorative design projects, this also shows the importance of lighting design. Leisure clubs of lighting design too, only use lights will free leisure entertainment perfect, to be able to today's social life, working pressure big people may offer a pleasant rest and entertainment space, win more customers. 
In short, light on the processing of break up a space, to separate is much more flexible than using entities. Conscious right with different intensity of illumination lamps and lanterns to decorate, can make the light like a invisible scissors to delimit a large space into several different mutual accommodation and light and shade, appeal little space, and create a hazy intermediary state space. Brings to the spatial organization is very attractive, and moving head light impressive artistic effect. 
(2) the light and shadow 
Light and shadow art itself is a kind of special properties. Light shadow, shadow reflected light. Light and shadow in the common space created form, and formed a rich atmosphere of smooth shadow irregular change at the same time. Nature of light and shadow is arranged by too sun and the moon, and the interior space of light and shadow usually have to need to lamps and lanterns decorate to create. Through clever lighting design, light and shadow can show on the ceiling, wall, ground. Sometimes also can, People with indoor all sorts of display objects together to create artistic effect. At this point and to change of color, shape, its effect is unpredictable, sigh for wonders. In an indoor green plants such as back up the lamps and lanterns of shoot the light, after the plant into the shadow of smallpox, dusty foliage, full of stains or spots for the orbit and thought-provoking dramatic effect; Sometimes can use the water reflection light into a scene, make the person produces deep imaginary novel associations. 
Light is the KTV room design should be considered one of the most key factor, because the light system can determine the style of the club. Different environment need different lighting design, to adapt to the behavior characteristics and psychological needs of people in different environment. KTV light after the designer's elaborate design of space environment, the technical combination of artistry, and fusion of light utility function, aesthetic function and spirit function as a whole, can make the entertainment environment better adapt to people's behavior and psychological needs. Whatever the occasion, in the design should be fully considered and clear before its overall positioning and overall style, will be more attention in the basic design, often neglected in the lighting design, only consider moving up some new elements, new technique of lighting, destroyed the overall effect and the overall style, even light pollution. 
In the leisure entertainment lighting design, emphasizing the decorative lighting at the same time, also must not ignore the functional requirements of lighting, such as the entrance, lobby, corridor and other public areas illumination, prevent glare of light collocation. Sometimes in order to create a tranquil graceful environment, use more indirect lighting avoid direct light produce discomfort; To avoid the strong light of large area, produce visual fatigue; Try to avoid light intensity contrast is too big, cause visual adaptation; In local public areas, such as elevators, lighting should configure related knowledge, such as lamp tape. Therefore, in terms of different area light design need partition. 
(3) to the point 
Generally speaking, a bright place than dark place is easy to attract people's attention, families, and the led moving head light so to highlight: a portion of the interior space, often needs to strengthen this part of the lighting design, or set up some lamps and lanterns, with other parts don't highlight. As in the mall, always will display part according to the most bright, either. Bring people's attention, and make the goods yi yi is unripe brightness, trigger people's shopping desire. 
Lighting style fashion shape space. Modern entertainment places, lighting design not only stay in lighting on this basic function, and pay more attention to environment construction and style of the shape, through the use of the new element and illumination bureau department of reinforcement, overall produce or quiet, or warm, or luxurious, or simple but elegant effect. Lighting combined with entertainment space environment, can create all kinds of different style emotional appeal, have good adornment effect. Flexible use light color of the light when the design with the color of interior decoration materials, sensor combination. 
KTV light colorful adornment gimmick, is the art melting technology and engineering. KTV room the most distinctive is the design of the box, to cater to the demand of the high-end customers pursue fresh and unique, each of the KTV box has its own unique style, after appropriate dimming, using hidden spotlight canister light lamps and lanterns and other forms of recessed lighting has become a popular. Such as a large number of crystal sequins material used in the "crystal palace", you can enjoy the luxuriant and transparent sense like underwater palace, shiny light entertainment to bring different aesthetic feeling, as if falling of magic dreamland, music and dance and pleasure. 
(4) apply colours to a drawing the atmosphere 
Light and lamps and lanterns of non-ferrous material, use them to apply colours to a drawing the atmosphere of the indoor environment, often very significant effect can be obtained. Rows of neat and bright fluorescent lamp can make the classroom, conference room is very concise and easy; And a light crystal droplight can make the hall, sitting room, appear very richly luxurious; Rotation changes, colorful lights Can make the space, full of fantasy; A new type of lamps and lanterns and appearance is concise and can make the space appears novel fast, full of contemporary; The display of the lights of the configuration is proper, can make indoor scene vivid and able to bear or endure look; Conscious form of light and shadow, and can make the environment novel and special, amazing. 

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