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The definition of stage lights, function

Use the lights for stage lighting of the art form and characters, scenery, also known as stage lighting. Its role is according to the requirement of the performance, in accordance with the overall conception of stage art, the use of stage lighting technology equipment and means to cooperate actors, shaping the visual image on the stage. 
The role of stage lighting in modern stage shows: (1) lighting performance, the audience see the actors and the landscape image; (2) guide the audience the line of sight; (3) to shape the character image, foil emotions and show stage illusion; (4) to create the play need space environment; (5) apply colours to a drawing the atmosphere; 6 shows, empty transformation, outstanding drama conflict and strengthen the rhythm of the stage, rich artistic appeal. Sometimes cooperate stage special effects. 
In modern performance, the distribution the intensity of light, color, lighting, lighting and other sports have larger plasticity and controllability. The art of the stage lighting effect is with the progress of the performance, changing and show the stage atmosphere. Stage lighting is the time space of art and the combination of art, the historical development of stage lighting is with the evolution of the drama and the progress of science and technology are closely linked. 
Stage according to the optical structure can be divided into the floodlight lamps and lanterns, spotlights and three types of slide; Pressing on the installation site of the stage and the face, ears, feet light, column light, top light, the heavens and the earth light and flow of the points of light. Omni refers to emit uniform soft lighting and lighting lamps and lanterns can illuminate a certain direction. Separate floodlight, top row of lights, the footlights and curtain light etc are normally used for lighting awning, painting scenery or play areas. Condenser system refers to the directional and can control the range of light can emit the lamps and lanterns. Is commonly with refraction principle, through the lens threw a different light. Such as use thread light lens can produce soft edges of light. Using reflection optical structure concentrated effect of calling back into the light. Slide system is in front of the lamps and lanterns of concentrated plus a set of objective for optical imaging. This slide show, can be divided into: (1) using slides imaging for slide scene; (2) by turning the disc type of chain belt casts a cloud image, water, fire and other activities on the scene for the slide; (3) using long focal length lens to make clear light imaging. Highlight the character image follow spot; (4) ellipsoid concave mirror called lamp modelling of lamps and lanterns. 
Stage lighting control system can effectively control and allocate all the lamps and lanterns and generate humorous artistic effect. It consists of the power distribution board, dimmers and general control of three parts. 
Stage lighting design mainly according to the request of the script, director and general idea of stage art artistic conception, lighting design, and the specific technical work. Lighting design should be able to use a variety of modelling methods, to adapt to different styles of performance, such as some performance requirements show the style of realism, but others require creating abstract, freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting or artistic conception of metaphor. 
Early history of drama has open or half open performance, with daylight as the light source. But as the show moved into indoor or night show, began to appear the stage lights. According to written records, 1102 years later, the capital of song dynasty in the northern song dynasty in China, during the Lantern Festival performances "acrobatics", stand downstairs with fang wood base into a stage, and all the stage on both sides of the crib suspended from globe one upstairs, internal combustion rafter candle, zhang yu, this is the beginning of artificial light. In the 16th century Europe as outside the night show, the rope is soaked in resin made from jacklight as a light source. 15 ~ 16 centuries, Italy set to test the light illumination. At the beginning of the 17th century Italian in performance test done to control the lights flash. The French classical performance for how to behave in a day and night time change. Since the 18th century, when put out the audience performances lamp, only leave the stage lights, has formed tradition. Dresden theatre opera "and the" 1755, lit candles on the stage was more than 8000 branches. Since the 19th century, light source changes rapidly. London 1808 heart theatre first use the gaslight. Because the gaslight unified control can take advantage of the pipes and can have light and shade change to spread. British h. monte Della invented the lime light, can produce similar to sunlight or moonlight on the stage of light color. In 1870 the British use the lime light as the spotlight, and then to paint in the lime light of the glass on the colored light effect. 

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