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The basic knowledge of stage lighting technology and industry

Since the stage, stage lighting to be an integral part of the stage. In the stage lighting, outstanding vision, realism, the aesthetic and performance of the four elements. Experienced years of evolution. Gradually developed into a more perfect and advanced lighting system today. Play the first boom, appeared in the two thousand years ago in ancient Greece. The theatre is open or half open. Stage lighting depends on the the enormous "light" - the sun in the sky, so can only be performed during the day. For recreation needs, open-air performances, and the night are easily affected by the weather and other objective disadvantages and the development of drama made stage lighting people must solve the problem. 
Show lighting design is successful, in the processing of stage lights are properly marked. Lighting is not only to illuminate the actor, let the audience see the facial expression, expression and action, more important is to make full use of lighting technology, transfer the light means to strengthen the artistic effect, such as the operation make the audience have immersive feeling. 
Stage lighting is mainly by combination the effect of the amount and other lamps and lanterns, is through the different modelling mural, different colour change, a different perspective, the change of horizontal and vertical angles and speed, stroboscopic speed, aperture size, focal length changes such as comprehensive performance. Before the understanding of stage lighting technology will have to master the basic knowledge of: 
A, visible 
Light is with electric radiant energy, in the form of electromagnetic wave propagation. A wide range of the wavelength of the electromagnetic wave radiation, only in this part of the 380 ~ 760 nm wavelength radiation can cause visual light, called visible light. A wavelength at 380 nm light, ultraviolet rays, x rays, and gamma rays; More than 760 nm is infrared light, radio waves, they to the human eye is not the light visual, is invisible. Therefore, the energy of the light is a kind of objective existence, and is closely related to people's subjective feeling. 
Second, the classification of color 
Color can be divided into two major categories of the color and color. The colour from white, light gray, gray to dark gray, until the black, called white black series. The object of pure white is the ideal light reflex completely, its reflectivity is 1; Pure black is the ideal nonreflective objects, the reflectivity of 0. So, the color white black series represents the change of object light reflectivity. We know that light reflectivity is proportional to the brightness, and the white walls of the indoor ceiling can get higher brightness. Color refer to the various colors of white and black series. Color has three characteristics: hue, lightness and saturation, known as the three elements of colour. 
Color tone is said to present. Also is the name of all sorts of different color, such as red, green, blue, etc. It is related to the wavelength of light. Lightness (brightness) said the color is bright. Different colors of different lightness, even the same color due to the nature of the object surface and the light intensity is different also, shades of light and shade difference is produced. As same is yellow, can have a pale yellow, medium yellow, deep yellow, etc. 
Saturation (chroma) said the depth of the color (shade), also can saying is the purity of color, bright degree. The higher the degree of saturation, the deeper the color appears (thick), all kinds of monochromatic light is the most saturated color in the visible light. When the spectral colors blended with white light, the more the less saturated. For example, the red light than pink light saturation is high, because the pink light mixed with white light. Generally speaking, the same hue, brightness changes, the degree of saturation is also changed, but the brightness of the increase or decrease its saturation is lower, only when the brightness moderate saturation (purity) is the largest. But in the sense that gives a person, always feel always great lightness color looks more bright. 

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