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Stage lighting design requires three basic lighting types

One, the effect of lighting 
Effect of lighting is rain, snow, cloud, the waves, the phenomenon of flame lighting appliances, lighting effect can also be used for the background of the song and dance drama, is very important to the modern stage lighting. Effect illuminator is different from the general slide projector, its large volume, lighting, projection, is a dedicated stage projection apparatus. 
Second, the omni (astigmatism lamp or flat lamp) 
Floodlight is generally not set up the lens (except for omni light), but from the light source is used to direct light and shoot from the surface of plate to shoot the light, make its have directional structure, but also as a floodlight lighting over a long distance, it will light point-blank light by focusing lens and shoot the light, this is for a floodlight. In addition to a wider range of designed for all lighting a lamp, and for more effective stage of local caused significant downy light, or to make the surface have a uniform illumination and can adjust the Angle of need and design of single stage lighting lamps and lanterns. 
Omni light range is wide, the light is downy uniform characteristics, match the color filter can obtain the other colors of light. Stage lighting luminaire general design into a row of lights, for large area lighting. Stage effect of local lighting, use the adjustable Angle of the lamps and lanterns of alone. Floodlight lighting within the scope of the stage there can be no spot and significant there edge trace. 
Third, the spotlight 
Structure is able to in the beam of light from light sources using mirrors to the front, through the lens of local free to cast light on the stage. To be able to adjust the light luminous flux and projection Angle, adjust the way a mobile light source type and mobile lens type two kinds. 
The spotlight on stage lighting lamps and lanterns, the light of the it system is mainly composed of concave reflection and condenser. Among its features are: the light is bright, the edge is clear, the scope of its cast light than narrow floodlight, within the scope of the cast light can adjust the strength of the light. Regulation is divided into light mobile and portable two lens, by adjusting the intensity of illumination change of change for smooth, local cast light effect. Concentrating machine is generally used in the light. A slap in the face, side light, light, top light, such as lighting, is widely used in stage lighting at the moment. 
According to the shape of the edge of the formed cast light, spot light can be roughly divided into soft light spot, flat contour convex spotlight and spotlight 3 kinds. 
(1), outline the spotlight (spot) modelling 
The structure of wall lamp, can make smooth focused around the strong light, is used to track the performers indispensable spotlight. It is different from other spotlight, there are two lens, with can change light area about the size of the light and makes for a change in the shape of plate. 
(2), light spot 
Light of the outline of the spotlight, is in the spotlight, the light is downy and show relaxed mood lighting appliances. Because usually use Fresnel lens spotlights. 
(3), flat convex lens spotlights 
The nature of the light is soft light is strong, has also made a clear outline though, but it's not like contour spotlight is the light of the focus, because coming up from the quality of the light said it is more difficult, so generally according to its structure known as convex spotlights. It now have become the main lighting equipment, stage lighting in stage is essential. 

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