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Centralized control of outdoor performance stage lighting

With the rapid development of digital technology in all walks of life, professional stage lighting field also gradually into a comprehensive digital era. 
Of the current domestic large outdoor performances, such as square, party, solo concert of large and medium-sized and large and medium-sized indoor stage (including studio) used in professional lighting equipment, all the tone light platform, the amount of control, computer, digital silicon box in the light, color changer light, follow spot color changer, laser, etc., the vast majority are adopted digital control. And connected between the devices to achieve accurate control, realize the whole stage lighting, and is for the general lighting control headaches. 
The modern stage lighting designers put forward a new management concept of stage lights, unified management, centralized control. Is more than one function effect of different digital lighting equipment connected by a digital dimming control. Such as we put the digital dimming silicon box, digital color changer, computer effect light, color changer light, machine, bubble machine, etc. All connections on a computer console, to be controlled by a lighting engineers. Proved to be feasible. 
Has received the world's recognition and observe the production stage lighting equipment manufacturers, as a widely used. 

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