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The role of stage lighting in the modern stage

The role of stage lighting in modern stage includes the following several aspects: 
1) lighting performance, the audience see actors and landscape image; 
(2) guide the audience the line of sight; 
(3) to shape the character image, foil emotions and show stage illusion; 
(4) to create the play need space environment; 
(5) apply colours to a drawing the atmosphere; 
6 shows, empty transformation, outstanding drama conflict and strengthen the rhythm of the stage, rich artistic appeal. Sometimes cooperate stage special effects. 
In modern performance, the distribution the intensity of light, color, lighting, lighting and other sports have larger plasticity and controllability. The art of the stage lighting effect is with the progress of the performance, changing and show the stage atmosphere. Stage lighting is the time space of art and the combination of art, the historical development of stage lighting is with the evolution of the drama and the progress of science and technology are closely linked. 
Stage lighting control system can effectively control and allocate all the lamps and lanterns and generate humorous artistic effect. It consists of the power distribution board, dimmers and general control of three parts. 
At present a lot of stage lighting design mainly according to the script, director and general idea of stage art artistic conception, lighting design, and the specific technical work. Lighting design should be able to use a variety of modelling methods, to adapt to different styles of performance, such as some performance requirements expressed a realism style, while others insist on creating abstract, enjoyable or metaphorical artistic conception. 
With the progress of science now many performing arts hall of stage lighting design is very attractive. When doing the stage lighting design also needs some reasonable selection of lighting equipment which is the key point of successful design. 

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