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The use of analytical stage lighting equipment

As the municipal television station, relative to the central and provincial television, studios use frequency is very low, equipment of stage lighting equipment and control personnel also little effect. Make good use of, good use of existing equipment, under the condition of the staff, to produce high quality, good performances, is our city television station, a studio staff common responsibility. Here refers to the stage lighting equipment refers to the amount of smoke machine, snow machine, bubble machine, colorful cannons, etc. 
A, and the use of the console 
Municipal television station resources is limited, money is tight, when with amount and console equipment is often partial time bought for many times, the amount of device is usually caused by less quantity, types of mixed, product performance is uneven, caused is bound to be trouble and difficult to use. Especially some manipulation is often as one of the first purchase amount of form a complete set of special console, to don't type, type of amount of control is not very effective. In the process of long-term use, how about we grope a set of easy adjusted for the console to complete the manipulation of the different model of the amount of method. We use as below 

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