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The LED lighting art

LED as a new type of light source, because of its energy saving, long life, no pollution and attracted much attention. Especially during the Beijing Olympic Games, a large number of the successful application of LED technology, get unexpected results. So in recent years, local governments to support the LED industry, LED to a large number of companies involved in the field. 2010 domestic LED lighting industry is universalization of the first year: more than half of the city LED lighting project completed by Chinese enterprises, LED flashlight for traditional flashlight market more than 8, the permeability of LED display products application market scale total incremental hit a new high, at the same time, the LED light source products from degree of cost prices fell more than 50% a few years ago... Which brings us new understanding and thinking of LED products. LED lighting art as a visual art form, has been applied more widely abroad, but in domestic from 2007 began to appear on the stage, at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games opening and closing ceremonies has comprehensive application and display. Compared with the traditional stage lights, LED the expressive force of a very rich, has a strong artistic tension; It can simulate real, reproduce the natural image can show effect, it has the flexibility of traditional scenery, and have the characteristics of lighting system has part of the light source, the audience obtained information from the image than the traditional stage art scene and lighting machinery, such as the physical carrier of information, it is to build the virtual images, give us to imagine space, to achieve the perfect combination of light and art. Microcomputer control of LED stage light products can be according to the erection site and program needs, do the most rapid changes of the photosynthetic efficiency of combination, in order to achieve the perfect lighting the effect of the atmosphere. This is a kind of brand-new feeling for audience. LED technology has to film the lights of the performing arts and television studios use provides a new way of display. 
Xenon lamp spectrum relative energy distribution curve, the spectral distribution and is very close to the sun, the whole spectrum is a continuous spectrum, only in a small peak around 480 nm, with stronger radiation energy. It is not difficult to infer that xenon lamp is also a kind of high temperature electric light source, color temperature is about 5500 k, excellent color rendering properties, its color rendering index can be as high as 94. Xenon lamp excellent comprehensive performance excellence in gas discharge lamp, it highlights the long-range follow spot, projection lamp, project-light lamp in the r&d, application already bearing fruit. 
When the stage lights to fadein dimming light changes, the light color of light and color temperature will produce corresponding change, show that the spectral radiant energy distribution changed. Tungsten halogen lamp, for example, from the rated voltage value by light, light parameters change rule is: gradually reduce the brightness and color temperature, color gradually drift in the direction of the red light, on the contrary, when the working voltage boosting, brightness and color temperature will increase, light color from red to yellow-white color gradient, in front of the light color configuration cases, use the dimming or not rated voltage working state, for light source color temperature change joint caused the big trend of the change of light. 

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