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KTV stage lighting design

A stage lighting, stage lighting design principle of KTV system design is to follow the law of stage art performance and special use requirements for configuration, its purpose lies in the various performing arts reproduction process, the lights of the required process equipment configuration according to system engineering design, accurate, and complete the stage lighting system for art display service. 
1. Create a completely stage lighting free space, adapt to all lighting requirements; 
2. To make the system can run continuously, appropriate to increase reserves and expand the space. 
3. The anti-interference ability and security of the system as an important design index; 
4. High efficiency and energy saving light in the design of new type lamps and lanterns is introduced system; 
5. DMX512 digital signal network technology is introduced to the system design. 
Second, the process design stage lighting system requirements: 
1. The system process design and equipment configuration has integrated the use function of theatre, in a short period of time can rotate a variety of different types and the lights of the operating plan. 
2. The system can be designed from a lighting scheme quickly switch to another lighting solutions, conversion time done in 2 hours. 
3. The system allows the use of all the configuration of various types of lamps and lanterns, and other supplementary equipment. 
4. The system design has enough safety and storage capacity, the whole system on the premise of not interrupt the main power supply, to console for diagnostic work-up. 
5. The equipment in the system completely accords with the technical requirements of the stage background noise, the jejunum, open all the lights when the noise and the external environment of noise interference is not higher than NR25, effect of test point 1 m equipment noise is not greater than 30 db. 
6. At the beginning of the scalability of the system is the system design to reserved, such as power silicon control capacity, network capacity, flush with cash or new technologies appear to be the future, to make this system not large area due to lack of design changes or updates, save money and quickly adapt to changing needs. 
Three, KTV stage lighting system design and arrangement of the stage lighting lamp bit of top light, location lighting arrays, each part of the stage are lighting, eliminate dead zone, on-demand combination can be flexible. 
(1) the top system configuration design top light effect is deep performance space necessary for stage lighting, roof light configuration used in all sorts of lamps and lanterns, greatly improves the pervious to light quality, light transmittance increased by 150% than the current domestic mirror, anti-glare leaf design beautiful novel, four pages set is reasonable, the shading effect is good, can make to the top of the stage lighting or dyed with light. A. configure distribution of lamps and lanterns is as follows: over the stage, with A dome light boom of 20. Each way top light respectively with different number of lamps and lanterns: thread spotlight 24 (color change), and 40 sets of flat convex spot (in color), 64 sets of imaging lamp (with color changer) and soft light &heavy and computer moving head light 16 sets. B. the arrangement of lamps and lanterns and projection method is: the first line of roof and surface light of corresponding starring lighting area, cohesion when pay attention to the height of the characters, can be at the top of the first line of the light position as a point light and place special lights, and select the part of the lamp lighting lands protection; The second to the tenth way to direct investment after the stage, also can vertically downward projection, can strengthen the stage characters and scenery space illumination. Stage lands front row light links up, get more uniform color and brightness. 
(2) the amount of configuration design considering the intelligent is the inevitable development trend of the 21st century stage lighting lamps and lanterns, in order to meet the requirements of various performance lighting, stage lighting design is configured with 16 sets amount of moving head light. Amount of main arrangement at the top of the above the stage to light a streetlight, using DMX512 signal control, contact through the network to connect a computer console, adjust the Angle of projection of lamps and lanterns can be arbitrary, brightness, transformation design, beam size, color, and other functions, to ensure that meet the performance requirement on the amount of change. 

(3) the color changer light design configuration is installed on the part of the lamps and lanterns of color change, the role of stage light, dyeing, color changes, foil plot, colorful effect. 

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