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The basic ways of lighting design lighting

Through light, light quality, light type and light than the different layout and control, especially the main location of the flexible use of light, effects of different modelling can shape and artistic expression and the character image. In the studio, according to the Lord of light, the light of character image processing usually have three conditions: the side light hair, smoothing lighting and back lighting method. The following static characters lighting, for example, introduce the basic method of the lighting design. 
A, backlight (silhouette, silhouette method) the lighting method is characterized by: 
1, highlight the main outline, show a kind of hazy vision effect: 
2, complete or partial covered no theme colour, tone, surface structure and surface modelling 
3, have very strong adornment sex; 
4, gala and film and television play application more: 
5, usually in awning, high-profile mural, highlighting background or doors and Windows, such as white walls, the light in the background: 
6, is one of the prominent backlight effect character modelling form stage lighting. 
Second, the smoothing method (method) can be produced as a flat in natural lighting goods half overcast light scattering effect, a flat two dimensional effect. The characteristic of its lighting method is: 
1, the main design, surface detail and color as the creation subject: 
2, general form is a high-profile screen, higher brightness and uniform, white, downy; 
3, can eliminate the shadow; 
4, face no brightness changes, image tone lack of administrative levels sense, slightly flat; 
5, such as news, access, keyer programs use this method. 
Three, photometry method (contrast) can be produced in the face of texture and texture have artistic aesthetic feeling tone level and brightness change, method of the backlight side light, the light of the main light, background light, auxiliary light than is generally 4:2:2:1. 
The characteristic of its lighting method is: 
1, project a stereo feeling, and depth of feeling; 
2, in the face of texture and texture have artistic aesthetic feeling tone level and the change of light and shade; 
3, through careful control tone level, the brightness of each plane, to form the three-dimensional effect; 
4, trying to cause the same effect as a television with eyes feeling; 

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