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The stage lighting design brief knowledge

A stage, decorate a design is good or bad is largely determined by the lighting design, review the past is now our stage lighting design has the characteristics of the art technology development lags behind. Here we review our stage lighting design and the look of the characteristics of stage lighting design in the future. 
1) first to look at the lighting equipment, our equipment from the most primitive natural light lamps and lanterns, candle, development to the gas lamp, acetylene lamp, lamp, gas discharge lamp, LED (light-emitting diode), which in turn to the amount of today. 
(2) the signal transmission form of stage lighting also has developed from a simple line transmission for wireless, optical fiber, network, and other forms. 
We look at a practical example: below stage lighting design 
In the last stage lighting design is only limited on the simple light switch, light color drab, single lamp decorate, not to mention the lighting effects. 
Look now the stage lighting design than beautiful, light colour can change small, stage lighting become more flexible dream; Projection technology can produce all sorts of modelling, vivid stage; Amount can make the light according to the rhythm of the music, the stage is more rich move feeling. 
Then let's take a look at the development of lighting equipment: "lighting equipment technology high speed development, greatly enriched the stage lighting means of artistic expression, even bring revolutionary change of stage lighting." 
These are we now stage lighting design, but now a defects existing in the lighting design is on the artistic quality of stage lighting design development is lagging. 

To make lighting design in a performance that is inseparable from the art. Lighting design should be the overall artistic style service. But frequent, lighting design emphasizes the application of new technology, new equipment, but ignored in the design of artistic expression, and shows the artistic style of the split. 

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