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Light color in the design of the impact on the bar atmosphere

Bars in addition to the choice of lamps and lanterns is very important in the design of the light, the light color is also very important choice. Careful friends you will find that the color on people's psychological state has influence in varying degrees, the average person don't like to stay in predominantly red room for too long, so we in the bar lighting design in the choice of red style must be cautious. Not long ago we simply discussed and bars in the design of lamps and lanterns choice. Today we take a look at some other basic knowledge of lighting design. 
Lighting design in the choice of the color of the guests dining atmosphere is also has a certain influence, in addition to the often neglected the influence is not small kitchen. 
The lights in the kitchen light colour choice and the correct colour collocation can increase employee productivity, reduce the work injury, effectively improve the morale of the employees. 
Now lots of bars in above choose open kitchen layout design, and the use of open mode kitchen restaurant is concerned, the light of the correct use of the more important. Because of the open kitchen is like a stage, chef and waiter as actors, and performance if the lack of a light foil or conceal, it is difficult to successfully obtain the audience resonance. 
When we walked into a beautifully decorated, light and attractive places will be attracted by all that is here to live, what we know today that is just a bar in the lighting design is the most basic knowledge, decorate a design gives an alternative style bar will bring more customers, at the time of lighting design might as well get a specialist to look, give some opinions may be left a large sum of cost for you. 

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