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The university of Manchester in promoting led lighting life study

The University of Manchester (the University of Manchester) are currently studying the application of LED technology advantage in road lighting. LED street light, long life often means don't need to change and maintain, thereby reducing the adverse impacts on the traffic, reduce the related replacement and maintenance fees. 
LED lighting products for a very long life expectancy, is currently studying the life of the LED street lamp module is reached 10 years, far higher than the existing ordinary street lamp. In addition, use LED lights to provide lighting can reduce 25% to 50% of the energy consumption, can save more energy and cost. 
But fever when high brightness leds in work, it also can affect the LED illumination and the life, also makes the heat dissipation problem has become a obstacle in the development of the LED. Researchers are faced with the problem now is how closely together LED the heat generated by the at work to send out in time, extend the service life of LED lights. 
Due to the LED module will be used in outdoor, so the actual environmental factors were taken into account. As the key of heat sink is the possibility of bird nest. There is rules. Current regulations specified in the degree of dazzling light and light pollution limits, LED light source can be installed at the same time specified area. These are the challenges. 
Under normal operation, LED to undergo the process of gradually reduce light output, and the process continues. Cause the reason for this reduction in light output is likely to be LED produce light efficiency is lower, or because the LED optical path on the decrease in the package. However, as long as no overload use, LED street light at work 50000 hours or 10 years later, also can achieve 70% of the original light output ability. 

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