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Wire rack cooling substrate become those who LED components machine factory hot market

LED lighting permeability will increase this year, semiconductor and passive components factory seal test positive only LED lead frame and LED heat dissipation base board products, related capacity, shipments and revenue performance can be improved. 
Research the agency DIGITIMESResearch forecast, this year the global light emitting diodes (LED) lighting market scale will reach $25.4 billion, permeability to 18.6%; LED to use of the number of straight torch, absorb dome light, LED commercial lighting, etc., will become the main products of this year, is expected to drive the LED lighting permeability ascend. 
With technology development, the LED brightness grains, single star power wattage of light-emitting diodes, LED heat dissipation design become the key, so the LED industry stressed components lightweight, high power efficiency, and must be both low cost design requirements. 
Bullish on the LED market, further development more and more semiconductor testing materials and passive components factory, rushing into the LED lead frame and LED heat dissipation base board products, including packaging and optical materials suppliers with wire rack supplier shunde long China; LED ceramic substrates construct factory with hin electricity; Passive components factory big Howe, ding yi, light jie and 9 and grain hall, etc. 
Long China LED lead frame is one of the long-term operation of the main active development of related products, the LED wire rack revenue about nt $10 million to $10 million a month or so. 
Long hua forecast, the future LED lead frame for 24 months in a row have the opportunity to hit a high of revenue; By the end of 2014, China long investment in LED lead frame capital expenditure scale around nt $1 billion. 
Bullish on hand-held devices LED backlight and LED lighting applications, shunde, continuously develop LED products, wire frame actively into the department and foreign customers, the product has started peatlands march LED lead frame, forecast season 2 LED lead frame quarter by quarter up shipment. 
Legal person forecast, shunde this year LED wire rack revenue accounted for the proportion of overall revenue, can be washed up more than 10%. 
With hin electric capacity continues to expand this year LED radiating ceramic substrate, related products will be the major operating growth momentum this year, last year LED heat dissipation substrate with hin electric overall revenue proportion of 46%. As a legal person, points out that electric high brightness LED radiating ceramic substrate with hin for up to 8 into a global city. 
Last year's fourth quarter cooling ability of high aluminum nitride substrate, of electricity LED heat dissipation substrate with hin has reached 36% of the total revenue; As a legal person, said the future LED wattage will continue to improve, aluminum nitride substrate can further increase demand. 
Passive components machine factory is also actively expand the LED heat dissipation substrate capacity. Big yi LED heat dissipation substrate besides into LED lighting field, also continues to cut into the smartphone applications camera flash, monthly shipments grow steadily. 
Now LED heat dissipation substrate jinyi overall revenue accounts for large proportion in 7% to 10%, as a legal person forecast by the end of season 2, the LED heat dissipation substrate revenue accounted for on 1; Season 2 turnover target of 30 million yuan per month, season 2 LED heat dissipation substrate profit margins have the opportunity to become a full member. 
Jie this year will also expand the LED light radiating substrate capacity, estimated this year LED heat dissipation substrate performance can be increased year on year 1 times, now LED heat dissipation substrate light jie overall revenue proportion of 1 to 1 to 5. As a legal person, said jie LED light heat dissipation substrate continues to deliver to Korean, European and American LED lighting customer. 
9 hao season 2 the resistance type ceramic substrate products is expected to continue operation of the kinetic energy, automotive electronics and LED non resistance application revenue accounted for about 15%. 
Grain and hall last layout LED heat dissipation substrate products this year, a key project of capital expenditure this year, including expansion has LED heat dissipation substrate, grain and hall this year LED heat dissipation substrate performance is expected to grow year on year. 
From the point of material, the industry with high coefficient of thermal conductivity of ceramic substrate materials, as the LED heat dissipation base material, there are also companies launched the cooling material of aluminum plates with the LED heat dissipation base board products. 
Looking forward to the Taiwan factory in LED heat dissipation substrate performance this year, now in addition to electricity with hin, LED heat dissipation substrate Taiwan factory overall revenue proportion is relatively high, continue to actively into the Taiwan factory this year, in the related capacity, shipments and revenue performance, is expected to significantly increase. 

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