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LED heat dissipation the key components of thermal conductivity of hope - all warm (hot) board

The British virgin islands acme technology (Acmecools Tech., Ltd.) is a key element leading manufacturers of thermal conductivity, the mean temperature (hot) plate has been successfully proved to be applied to the cloud Server and graphics (high order servo machine Graphic card), communications and high power light-emitting diodes (LED) lighting, electric cars and solar industries such as the heat dissipation of application, can be solved is subject to the impact of a product does not have the desired reliability and efficiency, can effectively improve its stability, and the import market. 
We are for the LED industry, for example: 
Known, LED itself in operation will produce temperature, combined with today's packaging features, make the heat is not easy to out effectively. In order to reduce the LED heat exhaustion and prolong life, industry can only rely on a large area of heat sink. LED a large area of heat sink for a long time is the bottleneck of LED lighting is inevitable, but also the indirect form the flare and the performance of the flaw, and the harm of eyes. Therefore, to solve the doubts, the cooling module design is the key. Under the good heat dissipation design, product to balancing the luminous efficiency and quality of stability, thus reduce heat exhaustion and improve the product's life and the surrounding components. Cooling module alone several different interpretations, but how to effectively and real exported grain of high fever, and provide the industry standards and specifications, and guide the design, manufacture, safety management, etc., is one of the LED industry are urgently looking for. 
Due to the mean temperature (hot) board has good temperature and conductivity, high heat flow density may be "dot" instantaneous extended to a large cooling area, and derived from the cooling fins will be hot. Principle could only covers the wall of the tiny structure, vacuum tank shell and the gas phase change of liquid. 
As referred to in the market of mean temperature (hot) Plate for refers to all the material (Cold Plate, the not Vapor Chamber), such as: Copper (Copper Plate), Aluminum Plate, Aluminum Plate), Ceramic Plate (Ceramic), Graphite Plate (Graphite), etc., rather than the product referred to heat the effective thermal conductivity of the vacuum of the real gas yuan Vapor Chamber (real X - Y - Z) heat transfer element of conductivity is consistent. In a word, all kinds of product cooling capacity difference is quite big. The launch of this product will provide real solutions, eucalyptus, and significantly reduce the earth's limited resources loss. 
Although the heat dissipation and module industry claims mean temperature (hot) plate patent, but more belong to manufacturing patent, not only failed the authoritative attestation unit of detection at present stage, is also unable to reach the goal of rapid quantitative. 
Acme technology company with the United States the r&d team to develop the high performance of temperature (hot) plate - Vapor Chamber, its characteristic is easy to auxiliary electronic products achieve the request of the light, thin, short, small, and is the world's first liquid injection tube welding temperature (hot) plate production technology; Apart from the characteristics of no particular hotspots and directional, more have the characteristics of customization and easy assembly. Not only has independently developed the original type of patent protection, and through the domestic and international authoritative certification unit testing, both in price and product reliability function and type of subprime products is far more than the existing market. 

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