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The "time" story of the world's landmark buildings

THEATRE DE L'ODEON Aodeweng theatre in Paris of France

Od on ~JI Aodeweng throughout France is one of the six national theatre. This tunnel neoclassical style building located in the Fifth District, from Charles Dc Wa lty and arie-joseph Peyre to ask where the 1 779-1 782 year design.

The project is not only to highlight the unique high ceilings and Aodeweng theatre rose decoration, but also emphasizes the beauty of the building. The amount of -m used in the lighting of the wall hidden in the indirect lighting. In addition, the use of continuous beams, so that people fully appreciate the magnificent architectural masterpiece. Although the focus is to enhance the artistic beauty of the building, the lamps and lanterns in the scheme must be durable and maintenance free, because they are very high in installation position and not easy to touch.

AUCHAN (Auchan) Italy and Holland Amsterdam police ticket

The project is to create a "green" area by using energy-saving lamps and high quality lighting. U, also anLJnc is a LED based lighting system, can provide a functional lighting for sidewalks and bike lanes. Qiu. 50, the longer service life of 0 hours can save the maintenance costs of all permanent installations. Sidewalk LED lighting not only has the advantages of LED bear Ming (long service life, low energy consumption), but also to meet the urban environment into the atmosphere into the solid precision, can promote social and enhance security. High efficiency of the lens on the ground is very uniform distribution of light.

Pictured above is located in Monza (Beijing Chahar) is a new - shopping center is near.

Pictured above is a temporary lighting device near a bicycle lane near 5topera, Amsterdam. These two areas of lighting in the 11 to provide the public with a comfortable atmosphere of the environment 7.

Stadium central shopping plaza Austria Vienna

The stadium Plaza Shopping Center was built in 2007, covers an area of 21000 square meters, close to the main venue of the 2008 European Cup football summer flute aines. The main purpose of the I main lighting project is creating a striking facade. For the commercial release of information can be lost. As a put animation, advertising, logo and color art effect display etc..

Because the shape of the LED display and the shape of the building is different, so in the evening and night time. M building Wailimian will show a different scene with the day.

80 meters wide, 8 meters high display (640 square meters} contains a total of 37.620 full-color pixels can be controlled independently. The system is connected with the media server, which can be used to expose the animation and various digital media formats.

Lighting engineering lighting engineering lighting design company

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