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The characteristics of lighting planning in China: the first choice of planning model

At the present stage of China's general lighting planning and design process is as follows: first of all by Party A "point floor", fixed design fan country and focus, lighting designers and then on the basis of planning J design. In this process, the party's personal vision, taste, and understanding of the overall urban planning and grasp, to a large extent determines whether the post lighting planning is reasonable. Practice shows that this model has many shortcomings: Party A with a certain subjectivity in the "building" in the process, often appear in the planning and construction of the selected carrier of city nightscape lighting is often presented two different faces, there are very large differences between planning and implementation effect, weakening the planning control proper.

It is undeniable that the design is to serve the market, lighting designers must attach importance to the requirements of Party A, but more for each of the drawings can not weaken the lighting planning for the construction of the guiding role of the night. The planning of urban nightscape lighting is a new subject which is very professional and technical, which is harmful to the science and rationality of lighting planning.

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