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Lighting design and engineering analysis of Beijing Capital International Airport

In March, the 2008 army in the Beijing Capital International Airport T3 terminal is the construction of the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008 one of the most baskets, attention to the passenger experience is the focus of this terminal design.

One of the most important ideas for energy conservation is to maximize the use of daylight in the hall and other public spaces. The steel structure of the concrete building roof by Huang arc, light tone Boqiong, sunlight came in. A vision of the internal space of the building during the day.

At the beginning of the structural design of the building, the designer prefabricated structure for lighting equipment. The main supporting beam under the arc for the installation of special metal mold, with the size of strict metal groove and the lamp size. The lamp is embedded into the back part of the steel slot, and the lamp surface is flush with the lower plane. The lamp and the lamp are directly decorated on the board, and the lighting circuit is hidden inside.

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