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Lighting transformation of main entrance of Basel Industrial Park of Novartis company

The main entrance area of the Basel Industrial Park of Novartis company is redesigned. Visitors to the drive will first enter a creative and glorious underground car park. Architect mark Sara (MarcoSerra) will focus on a vehicle in a total of 1200 parking spaces in the two-tier underground garage. Garage space structure is very simple and clear, open plane structure and a series of clear, so that people can immediately find the exit direction of the stairs, such a space can also bring more security and comfort.

The main purpose of the design is to avoid the typical "underground garage syndrome", such as depression, fear and other uncomfortable feelings, as far as possible to create a refreshing, friendly environment. The unsightly structural components and infrastructure are thus maximized to hide.

The lighting design of the underground parking lot is based on the design concept of the architect, which aims to create a pleasant atmosphere. Uniform light environment, not leaving a large area at the entrance of the shadow, giving people a sense of security. The designer chose a light source similar to the incandescent color temperature, rather than a consistent cool fluorescent lamp. LED is an ideal light source because of its high efficiency and energy saving, and the wall which is illuminated by colored light does not need too much illumination.

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