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The three elements of color and its constitution, lighting designers must see!

Lighting designer, it is necessary to understand the three elements of color and its constitution

Light colors for RGB, referred to as RGB. A variety of light and color are three primary colors through different proportions of mixed color, more or less. The study of color composition is the inner relationship between the hue, brightness and purity of light color, as well as the psychological change and association of different light color. Lighting designers in the face of different design projects are building lighting, landscape lighting, road lighting and so on, in the design process should be the impact of light and color on the full and mature consideration and implementation. So, when the lighting design to understand and grasp the color of the "rigid" requirements, our designers have any reason not to be familiar with and master the light on weekdays?

The following is a real picture of Chengdu Kuan Alley and Zhai Alley night lighting. Designers use the projection of the bamboo forest light and shadow projected onto the wall, the use of green light source, the performance of the bamboo forest lush visual image, the color is not only the change of brightness contrast, but also the harmony of color.

The following is a real photo of the coastal city fun entertainment area. The designer through field observation, Shenzhen environment is good, pure blue sky often appear with warm white light and the courtyard, with "a little" red shop signs and the deep blue sky and warm, and formed a strong contrast and purity, and cool area is large, warm small formed coordination light of the world. Wonderful Zai wonderful zai!

The following is a real picture of the joy coast indoor lighting. In the interior corridor, a light of the traditional chandelier to send warm white light, the formation of a warm, ambiguous tone, through the roof of the hollow structure, see the blue sky. The blue sky and the warm color of the room and the formation of a strong contrast between cold and warm, but warm area, cool area, the area of strong contrast makes the warm color is not enough to be destroyed, warm still.

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