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Lighting design how to apply the composition of the three components of the plane, three-dimensional

Night lighting may wish to play a variety of graphic composition of the constitution, to increase the fun of landscape lighting.

On the three major elements of the decomposition, reconstruction, repetition, combination, change the concept of direct guidance to the practical design of lighting design, at the same time, lighting designers can also use these means to create wonderful works of landscape lighting. Below is the exterior lighting design of main media center of Shenzhen International University Games, using the line (line lamp) with wall slot design reserved installation, use line features line lights, repeatedly arranged in exterior wall structure, through the control of the control system, showing a "Media Center". The repeated arrangement of line lights will form a virtual surface in a certain space, and the combination of lines and surfaces will be formed.

The most typical is the design of Wanda business series, through abstract dots, point and irregular, and different thickness of the line, right and wrong, to collocation, combination and reconstruction, formed a unique commercial lighting effect. The design of exterior wall structure of Lanzhou Wanda Commercial Plaza itself by irregular and abstract shapes, in the lighting design of the light source of point line surface with different shape and color to change, combined with animation, forming a commercial lighting effect, changing constantly, the true mingled with the false shapes, reached a dramatic the visual sense.

Light sculpture can draw inspiration from three-dimensional composition.

Lighting sculpture is a new form of art in recent years, the light and shadow elements added to the static sculpture design, through the light color control to achieve the combination of static and dynamic, become a new category of urban nightscape lighting. There are two forms of sculpture at night: Lighting sculpture and sculpture lighting. Many cities in the public square of the city sculpture, especially the abstract shape of the sculpture, is through three-dimensional composition of the elements of the implementation of the. Light sculpture is a combination of light and shadow modeling, the design process can also be absorbed by three-dimensional means, using the direction of light, thickness, diffusion, refraction and other methods of light modeling.

This is the first Chinese (Nanjing) International low carbon lighting Festival entries - exquisite agate color flow. During the day for the physical sculpture, night lighting sculpture. The sculpture in the golden agate and leaves vibrant collocation style, with scattered reconstruction technique the agate and leaves of the two different objects are related: Agate have deep roots; leaves have abundant fruit. Works with the water of the Yangtze River will be a combination of stone and stone into the design of the idea of a "heart of the west," the attitude of the transfer of Nanjing unyielding and indomitable spirit of the city.

The performance is to switch to light at night, sculpture sculpture mode, the light source is mounted on the blade in a soft light, after the direction of reflection, refraction and reflection of light, the agate texture performance of the most incisive, is crystal clear, clean and smooth, very lovable.

Through the light, and leaves the layers of agate is a typical application of intelligent texture in repetition, change, color and texture, increase city beauty, enhance the cultural quality of the city.

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