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Lighting design how to use the three components of the light source

Since the birth of the Bauhaus School of design, which is the first modern design institute in the world, it has set up three major subjects: the plane structure, the three-dimensional structure and the color.

The plane constitute the main research in two-dimensional space of point line surface; stereoscopic research direction is the relationship between the three-dimensional space point, line and plane, three-dimensional, material and space; and the color composition research is subject to the organic combination of hue, saturation and brightness of color application.

Since the three constitution was born, has a direct impact to the modern design and the trend is in various fields designers as a positive role to look up to as the standard, the development of modern industrial design, the modern design gradually from idealism to realism, with rational and scientific ideology to replace the art self-expression and romantic.

Lighting design, from the landscape design from the branch out of the design type, is bound to follow all the laws of artistic creation, follow the basic rules and principles of design - change and unity of harmonious coexistence.

So, how can we find the coexistence of change and unity? What are the positive effects of the three basic disciplines of design on lighting design? Designers in lighting design and how to apply the three basic principles to guide the actual design?

The author combined with many years of lighting design experience and the actual field experience from the perspective of artistic creation to explore the impact of the three components of the lighting design and guidance.

Designers need to build up the composition of thinking, good use of different light sources of the composition of the composition of the aesthetic form of expression.

The so-called form thinking, namely in the lighting design, designers should consciously use point line surface and body, material, space and color elements, organic collocation, which is composed of aesthetic form of art works and the light source carrier attached.

The carrier source can be attached to buildings, water, green, light a point light source, lamp, lamp, wall lamp and other different forms, on this basis, lighting designers need to source carrier is a "canvas", "brush" lamps of art design. The task of the designer is to point (Dian Guangyuan), line (line lamp), face (cast light cast light formation surface), color and other elements in the light source on the organic combination of night art.

The following is the lighting design of Shenzhen Pingshan stadium home court hall, structure designers make full use of building roof of the pavilion, using point source at the top of the building structure beam at regular uniform light, when switched on at night in the dynamic effect under the action of the whole building from the point of continuation of line by line with arrangement the formation of the surface, the building at night through, with the change of architectural color also rotation, fully embodies the characteristics of "Sports" sports venues.

On the line, surface, material, space and color of the deep understanding, mastery and play, is the ability to test the designer's ability to reflect the specific design, but also to evaluate whether a lighting designer eligibility criteria.

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