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Follow the urban color planning: the starting point and the attribution of the urban night lighting planning


Urban color is mainly based on the analysis of the city's character, culture and customs and culture, or in accordance with the history of the city since the conventional color to determine. Urban landscape lighting planning is mainly reflected in the use of light to illuminate things, light to see objects. Urban buildings, urban sculpture, parks and other places of color is as much as possible to show the city color, the night of all kinds of lighting, these objects can not be solid color of the day. This paper is how to coordinate the relationships between the city color planning and city landscape lighting planning, hoping to play a valuable role, please Paizhuan peer "".

[Key words]:

Urban color

Night lighting planning night lighting obey urban color

First, the city color: modern planning city beautiful clothes

Since the origin of mankind, the world through the light of the media first presented to the eyes is the color, and then is the shape, touch and more organ feel. Different colors have different feelings to people, cool colors bring cool, winter, safety or sad psychological reflection; warm colors bring hot, warm, lively, good luck and other psychological reactions to people. Different countries, nationalities, regions and cities in the world will change with the process of history, thus forming different color culture and color philosophy, especially the preference or aversion to some color. According to the survey: all kinds of ornaments near the equator and South African countries on the colors of red, green and other bias in high saturation, high contrast color effect; while Japan and South Korea this island or peninsula, the material is relatively poor, people of color feel relatively conservative, with the color bias in the low contrast and saturation weak and elegant color, rarely appear strong color contrast the gaudy. In addition, for men and women, children and adults, young people and older people, people's perception and understanding of color change in different periods of their lives.

Specific to the city planning and construction, to live through the color - a highly visual impact of the elements to the performance of different city in different countries, highlighting the city of style, highlighting the city's personality culture. City planners must be in the city planning at the beginning of city color are considered within the scope of planning, focusing on the city's history, culture, customs and habits, the color of the individual to reflect the cultural connotation of the city. Through a comprehensive investigation, making use of color and standard color standard applied to the city landmark building, city sculpture, city skyline, parks, cultural sites and other public areas, and gradually formed the unique cultural city color. This color must be distinct and characteristic.

The world's most romantic city in Paris, city planners of the city planning department, the comprehensive history of Paris, culture, customs and cultural characteristics, the scientific development of the Paris city color: color and gray cheese. When people walk in the gentle breeze of the Senna River, on both sides of the beautiful and elegant cheese walls and green gray roof of the classical architecture, people feel at any time in the ancient and romantic city - Paris. Simple and neat, uniform color of the city, making Paris the world's many outstanding urban color planning unique.

Oriental City in Tokyo City, Japan's most eye-catching color. Japan's national quality first-class, the work and life of rigorous degree no less than Germany, and Japan is a good study and absorb all the outstanding civilization achievements of other nations, while preserving their own national traditions. These big and national traditions can be seen from the Tokyo urban color planning formulation one or two. The Tokyo building is used for the majority of native wood, stone as materials for the construction form of these materials, low-key, elegant, color saturation in color is very low, as Japan's unassuming, moderate national character. It is with these kind of natural material, pleasing pleasant color tone, coupled with the traditional architectural style of the classic charm, making the Japanese city of Tokyo with color gentle, low-key, elegant, refined zen.

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