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Comply with the urban color planning: the starting point and attribution of urban night lighting planning (three)

Second, the development of urban color source, background, principles, a comprehensive understanding of the specific content, to ensure that the lighting planning process to play the role of icing on the city color. It can only help to show the city color, not to the city color, especially its subversive destruction.

The color of a city, its formation is not to say that people must obey. For example, the capital city of Beijing, the city color is a sensual, common red or yellow, the fundamental reason is that Beijing is the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties, the red and yellow symbol of authority; and south of Wuxi, tiles and white walls are the city's color. Lighting designers involved in urban lighting planning and design, the performance of light at night when taking into account the need to use more than the low temperature of warm light, warm white light in Beijing. Just imagine, if you use a background of blue, green and other cool light source, it is bound to the building of solid colored subversive damage. While the southern Wuxi, bridges, tiles and white walls. When the night lighting, the light color temperature can be improved, the performance of the Yangtze River water euphemism, gentle human character, if the performance of the opposite lighting, the effect is very scary.

Above is the night lighting of Tiananmen in Beijing. Tiananmen is the symmetrical shape stability, showing the lighting design on the lower color temperature, color warm, emergent dignity, authority of the ancient capital city character, consistent with the city color.

Jiangnan Water Wuxi, the night presents the landscape is quite Jiangnan style. Lighting color large cool white, local lighting lanterns, with warm embellishment, a boat came quietly, rendering the Jiangnan night quiet, quiet, calm atmosphere.

Third, fully communicate with the government departments to understand the intention of the government department to win the respect and understanding of government officials with their professionalism.

Taking into account the general planning of the city night lighting is a direct communication with government officials, the owner is the administrative unit. Participate in the design of the project, in particular, the project director is responsible for a certain degree of communication skills. Based on the China mainland, especially the lighting status in less developed two or three lines of the city: government officials because of performance considerations, the city lighting requirements is to "shine", than flowers, than the bright, than the color of night lighting is characteristic of the city. So the city planning and design work to do solid, with their own professional quality, good communication skills, the lighting design, direction and performance means, what kind of lighting, temperature, illumination and other design information is effectively communicated to the decision-making of government departments. I believe that the owners will be in a reasonable, scientific communication to accept your design concept, to reduce the number of meaningless program modifications, and ultimately the signing of the project contract.

Only by the above method, improve the designer's professional accomplishment, to fully understand the city cultural background and design ideas effectively communicated to the decision-making level, to achieve effective lighting planning for the city to become the city color display color icing on the cake, night notes.

Three, follow the urban color planning: the starting point and ownership of urban night lighting planning

According to the above analysis, the author draws the conclusion: the superficial lighting designer must comply with the premise of city color planning in city nightscape planning, city color planning master landscape lighting planning branch and supplement of city color planning. The essence of the city night scene lighting is to show the city color better, so the city color planning is the starting point and the final attribution. As a design unit, at the beginning of the project must be integrated with the background information of the project site, thorough analysis. So in the planning, design, reporting and implementation of each link in order to reduce errors and reduce costs.


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