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Analysis of "magic cube" lighting design concept

Shanghai Corporate Joint Pavilion nickname Rubik's cube, is funded by the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of Shanghai nearly 40 large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises jointly funded the construction of a smart technology, fantasy and interactive experience of the ecological environment. The architectural style, environmental application, display, entertainment and public participation will be the future of Shanghai magic show.

Rubik's cube covers an area of about 4000m2, located in the World Expo Corporate Pavilion exhibition. Its architectural design has a number of scientific and technological innovation, ecological design concept. The roof of the building is equipped with a 2200m2 solar heat collecting screen, which collects 95 degrees of C hot water generated by the solar energy, and the output power is more than 200kW through the ultra-low temperature power generation technology. For construction and daily use. When the "magic cube" day and night by the LED lights, flashing highlights and picture layers, support future energy, inexhaustible unlimited space.

External facade material recycling, cleaning, recycling and recycling of polycarbonate transparent plastic tube, a variety of technical equipment to accommodate them, together constitute the construction of the illusory external facade. After the end of World Expo, these plastic pipes are also easy to enter the recycling system, saving the overall energy consumption of society. "Magic cube" within the scope of the rain will be recycled, after sedimentation, filtration and storage technology, can be used as a venue for the daily use of water, but also for the use of "spray". Spray can not only reduce the local environmental temperature, purify the air, bring a comfortable space microclimate, but also make the overall appearance of the Rubik's cube shows the elegant features.

When it comes to architectural design, project architect Zang Feng said, "this is a building surrounded by technology. The formation of a three-dimensional space technology cloud, covering the use of space entities. "As the most prominent expression of the building, consistent design concept and the building itself, the architect is always thinking about is whether light can become the cloud technology, become a medium space form space information to convey information by using internal and external information.

To this end, the designer specially designed for the installation of lamps, a stainless steel space grid, to support the three-dimensional display system. At the same time, in order to achieve the perfect light effect, the project incorporates a number of lighting designers, optical engineering designers, producers, media content producers and many other roles.

And after the program is determined, carried out a series of major experiments, constantly testing the adjustment of physical installation, lighting lines, lamp point effect, appearance, play action, the overall effect, and other parts. Because the entire system is the special custom, need to consider the direction of the light, the architect is required 360 degree light; line requirements are not open; installation node is transparent, so all products must be customized.

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