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Lighting design of Education Resource Center of National University of Singapore (two)

The central courtyard is built along the existing trees, when the surrounding buildings are illuminated, the outline of these trees is clearly visible. There are no pillars and any other conspicuous lighting tools.

The surrounding background light and the light hidden in the branches illuminate the viewing platform. The trees (Tembusu, Singapore's native trees) in silhouette stands tall, and curve shaped building corresponding, to create a beautiful contrast.

Private learning space, seamless fluorescent lamps are integrated into this special ceiling line. These are capable of providing 4200K color temperature when controlled by daylight and occupancy sensors. The area around the window will be reduced by 20%.

The automatic curtain control device which is controlled by the space sensor is used to prevent glare and reduce the energy waste to a minimum.

A coffee house is the only building space in the building, but its lighting can reflect other learning space lighting concept. In this space, the use of color temperature for the neutral white fluorescent lamp, the space is the focus of special cylindrical and ceiling details.

In the 200 seat ladder classroom, the inconspicuous linear LED strip highlights the large suspension type sound drum. The platform side wall covering the circular wooden wall, lit the lamp on the wood strip. All the high ceiling downlight can reduce the update from the top, the expensive under the lights or lifting device needs.


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