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Appreciation of famous library lighting engineering (two)

In the Anacostia library, the design team based on the Horton Lees Brogden Design daylight analysis of the design of the door and window layout, the location of the skylight, promenade and window screen design. In the view of the South West, the use of three kinds of passive solar management mode, including a large, south of the drape, there is a baffle of the skylight and the external wall of the western wall outside the hood. Shade / Package Building Shazhao / roof elements in landscaping along North / South Loop area is T8 fluorescent decorative chandeliers, facing east skylight introduced soft, non direct sunlight.

The lighting system has been carefully partitioned to balance the artificial lighting and daylight, thus ensuring that most of the linear "super T8" fluorescent lamps are turned off during the day. From the floor to the ceiling of the glass into the northern light into the room, seemingly simple, but it is a pragmatic balance. Because of the use of standard T8 fluorescent lamps, these unexpected circular lamps can create a new visual landscape.

Two libraries have studied a wide range of sun angle, in order to explain when and where sunlight will shine in, and realize the objectives of the project, which make collections from UV rays, ensure temperature and visual comfort, reduce heat absorption. By determining the annual sunshine rating, most of the electricity lighting can respond to the available sunlight and close in most of the time.

Working hours, the use of daylight as the main source of environmental lighting, indoor lighting energy, is expected to be reduced to 50% of the equivalent power lighting system. In addition to the control system, the combination of space control and time control as well as the local switch in the energy saving lighting control program in the final realization of good use. Among them, the semi custom fluorescent lamp suspension system can provide special lighting for the book search, this smooth modular system can be reconfigured according to the flexible spatial layout. During the day, 70% of the lights are dimmed or closed.


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