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Lighting design of Peace Research Institute (1)

The Institute for peace studies, located near the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D. C., is designed by Safdie architects. It includes office buildings, international conference centers, educational centers, research facilities, and public exhibitions and activities. The most challenging problem for lighting is the use of these multi layered translucent structures, which would like to use the invisible light source to light the roof and make the inside and outside the roof soft.

The theme of the Lam Partners design is to completely hide or disappear the current light source, which can reveal the space and vivid, but will not compete with the building. The result is a visual sense of peace that has its own characteristics in the Washington skyline.

The office in the building is full of skylight. Skylights bring daylight into the corridor so that they usually do not need to use electrical lighting. Convenient T5 belt, and the T5 into the curved roof box, can maintain a clean original ceiling surface, and provide dual function, indirect lighting office and corridor.

As a complement to the skylight indirect lighting, each office is equipped with a custom with a protective cover of the T5 linear suspension fluorescent lamp, designed to prevent people from outside the room to see the lights. At the same time, the installation of automatic induction switch.

An atrium is mainly used for research activities, while others are mainly used for meetings and public events. In these two atrium, the sense of tranquility and purity of the architecture will be retained, although there is a busy office. The eyes are attracted to the beautiful arched roof, and the ceiling is lit by daylight, so that the atrium roof has always been a visual focus.


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