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Institute of peace lighting design (two)

In the round, the ceiling itself is light. Comfortable lighting level is the focus for both the host and the audience. Hidden in a carefully designed adjustable ceiling T5HO fluorescent lamp with non glare lighting for video conferencing, minimizing the leakage of projection screen.

Adjustable MR16 HIR provides targeted lighting for speakers and marker boards. The lighting system controlled by an audiovisual touch screen allows you to choose a light scene for different room configurations seamlessly.

In order to integrate the hall ceiling of the forward turning, the T5HO with adjustable light is provided, and the light slot device for generating light spot is avoided at the same time. Halogen PAR38 is to create a stage atmosphere of the track lighting, it is hidden under the floor. The walls are illuminated with hidden, frightened lights, which illuminate the recesses and create an open space.

The default scenario control system is used to control all lights. The result is a unique and peaceful Hall effect, which perfectly reflects the characteristics of the Institute itself.

The perfect shape and texture of the roof is inspiring and calm. Fine lighting design shows the architecture of the building, and provides adequate light levels, but also avoids the visible lighting device. T5 installed at the top of the wall, lit the atrium roof.

The utility model relates to a digital addressing ballast along the roof, which can adjust the light output, and effectively improve the bending lighting effect of the roof. At the top of the window, use the MR16 HIR halogen lamp and PAR20 ceramic metal halide lamp to add light.

The central lighting control system employs personnel occupancy sensing, daylight sensing, timing control, and local preset scene control techniques that maximize energy savings and meet user requirements.


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