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The stage lighting the light of the commonly used the position

Whenever see each actor on the stage performances are so amazing, actually behind the success of their performance are also part of stage lighting design. Nowadays there are many organs, institutions, community, enterprise and so on all have their own hall, auditorium, multiple function hall and other places of variety, demand is equipped with some corresponding professional lighting equipment, due to a lack of understanding of stage lighting, I don't know how to correctly choose the professional lighting equipment, and a lot of professional lighting equipment distributors, is also a little knowledge of professional stage lighting equipment, can't give correct guidance to lead to a waste of money. In order to avoid unnecessary waste, today all of the basic knowledge of stage lights to do some simple understanding. 
Stage lighting design requirements can be meet the large-scale song and dance party, literature and art joint performance, drama, concerts and the demand of large conference, will follow a few simple request first. 
A the commonly used light, stage lighting 
If you want to do professional stage light configuration, to understand the first stage the commonly used light of lamps and lanterns, this is the right to choose an important link in the process of configuration. 
1. The surface light: since the audience at the top of the positive to the stage of light, the frontal lighting main effect for characters and the whole light shop dyed at all. 
2. A slap in the face: located in outlets, sloping into the stage of light, is divided into upper and lower layers, and the main principal surface light, enhance facial lighting, adding characters, scenery of plane. 
3. Column (also called side light) : since the entablature in on both sides of the projected light, two side lighting is mainly used for characters and scenery, adding flat, outline. 
4. The top light: the light of the above from stage to stage, by the former to the later two rows into a row of top light, top light, top three rows of light etc, and is mainly used for general lighting, stage increase stage illumination, and there are a lot of scenery and props fixed-point reflected. 
5. Backlight: since the stage of inverse direction projection light (such as roof, bridge light reflected) direction, can draw the outline of the outline of characters, scenery, strengthen the plane sense and sense, as a particular light source. 
6. Light bridge: the bridge on both sides of the stage to light the stage, is mainly used for auxiliary light, strengthen the sense of plane, also used for other light bearing an inconvenience, as a particular light source 
7 feet light: the entablature counter to the stage in front of the projection light, and the main auxiliary plane light illumination and eliminate due to surface light shine upon the face of such high and jaw of the shadow. 
8. The heavens and the earth line of light: the light of the above and below the awning to awning, mainly used for lighting and color change in the awning. 
9. Light: located in activity fixtures are on either side of the stage, the main auxiliary light bridge, added on both sides of the stage lighting and other special light. 
10. The spotlight: since the audience or other location of light, it is mainly used for tracking actor or highlight a particular light, and used to in charge of the people, is a close-up of the stage art, have the effect that make the finishing point. 

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