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The lights of the wedding, how do you want to have a wedding

In recent years, see more and more partners on weibo roar wedding scene lighting, photographers, in particular, with a lot of photos of listed a series of light contrast between filming. Some scene is very big, scenery is very good, flower art is nearly perfect, new performance is good, but due to the lack of professional knowledge, juicers abuse of light, leading to a late should have good image data record was badly damaged. Actually it is not just the loss of money, because there are some things, once made a mistake, it is hard to have chance to correct. 
Yes, a lot of the early stage of the wedding planning company invest a lot of energy, the couple also gives considerable expectation, can often live, especially late image is not as perfect as we thought. The beautiful bride wore a white wedding dress, stylist is to draw the perfect makeup look, but in the photo is a "positive face" or "red green face". In particular, some quite important link, or overexposed, either to the lack of light or is full all dyeing... Many problems exposed in front of us. Didn't spend less money, but the effect is not up to. So, Buddha decided to talk a wedding the use of lamplight, the hope can give the early introduction of wedding planner and the couple help. 
Let us know the wedding commonly used lights: 
A, follow spot 
Follow spot light is the most common wedding, it is to follow the couple by manual operation or host a lamps and lanterns. It can be put in any position, brake light can change the aperture, adjust the light spot size. Follow spot according to the power is divided into 575 kw, 1200 kw, 2500 kw, specific parameters according to the size of the hotel and determined according to the distance of the couple. In some area is larger, the follow spot high rack from inclined above and under the light will be more conducive to its role in it. 
Second, the PAR lamp 
PAR lamp is in addition to the follow spot we wedding of the most common lamplight, it is usually used to complement the character and the environment light. PAR lamps emit strong, fixed, parallel beam. Depending on the light bulb, it can be divided into three types: 
1, the light bulb is transparent, CP60 it issued to beam is very narrow, concentrating effect is better. 
2, CP61 it is frosted bulb, so that can make the beam of light scattered more uniform, than to the CP60 beam divergence. 
3, CP62 it is belt mesh frosted bulb, the light is astigmatism, uniform is very soft, CP60, CP61, compared its beam is the most evenly. 
Third, back light 
Back light can produce narrow parallel without exactly on the edge of the beam, its light spot are vague, applies to the homogeneous soft lighting effect, can be used as a surface light. It is very suitable for outdoors or larger field because of its projection distance is very far, at least 20 meters. 
Four, imaging light 
Imaging light beam can be obtained narrow edge, strong sense of direction, clear light. Its beam Angle is smaller, the farther range. Imaging light its clear beam is well suited to build the characters in the frame beam and table flower and road lead to prominent part of the beam. It can also put the GOBO piece, like a computer moving head light pattern. 
Five, the computer moving head light 
As is known to all, computer moving head light is intelligent lamps and lanterns can rotate and adjust. Its brightness, light spot size, the size of the actual condition and the beam spot, concentrated and astigmatism, color change, design, transformation and so on can be adjusted in real time and change. Computer moving head light is used to make the scene rendering of light beam, the theme of the new LOGO lights, stage design and color and pattern decorated hotel environment or background. Because it can be regulatory, so can according to the link and style wedding set in advance good programming and make it one lamp is multi-purpose. It used to make the environment more light. 
Six, LED dyed light 
This is a wedding by the lights of the most controversial. Dyeing light beam sense is very strong, it has a computer of some functions, such as: stroboscopic, discoloration, etc., with low power. Leds for high color temperature of lamps and lanterns, and use it to do the scene of the ambient light colored light tones can be rather cold, so try to avoid it and low color temperature of lamps and lanterns is projected in the same area. 
When dyeing using LED lamp, should try to avoid the projection on the person's face and body, it is more suitable for projection in stage background or channel and on the wall, can be used as the scene of the ambient light. LED dyed light if using suitable, will avoid we mentioned article started filming in the late. 
Seven, floodlight 
Omni light is even, light range is large, very suitable for large area irradiation or background illumination. Background on the top of a row of floodlight is day light, under the background of light in a row we also called. Floodlight in the use of background can make cloth curtain more have administrative levels feeling, make the background more outstanding. 
These are the commonly used lights, wedding has a list of course there are many, such as the closing lamp, computer color lamp, the audience lights and so on. Actually every kind of lamps and lanterns has its unique role, we must according to the atmosphere of the wedding, themes, colors, links, customer actual budget, hotel site, etc. 
Actually now wedding lights according to the role, I used to put them into the characters and the environment light. Ambient light is the whole field of light color, dyeing such as LED light, moving head light, etc., these people are often used. Lighting engineers can design according to the link and the theme of the wedding. To say is, the environment light is used to render the environment, and cannot be used as characters to light, some juicers beat LED of the light as the main light source in the couple's face, the first is the high color temperature of light will make the late shooting the picture quality is very hard, not soft, then there is the colour of it will make the new face the ambient light, so that the couple "color" on the face or body. 
The above said is the environment light, then said people light. A wedding is the most important is the character of light, to ensure that after the characters of the light we will first consider the ambient light. Characters according to the light, we classify the following: 
1, positive light in the horizontal position 0-10 degrees 
2, light is located in the horizontal position of the side before 20-30 degrees 
3, the side light is located at the level of 40-50 degrees 
4, side light located at level 60-90 degrees 
5, the backlight In a horizontal position, 110-120 degrees 
6, contour light on level 135-160 degrees 
7, backlight is located at level 170-190 degrees 
Positive light: face plane is very bright, no stereo feeling, the light is not suitable for round square face, but is a powerful light of performance figures, younger youth. 
The side light: it is as a good auxiliary light lamp, will have the effect of diffusion light, rich layers. 
Side light: often used as characters of the main light, about the appearance of 45 Angle, can accurately control the distribution of light and shadow, very suitable for the location of the follow spot. 
Side light: in theatrical performances, the side light is indispensable, the actor's lines depict plays an important role in the form. 
The backlight: easy to produce effect of sunlight, to the side of the nose, cheekbones, brow, head back have specular effect, hair present a certain sense. 
Outline of light: the character's head and shoulders to create a continuous edge of the light, make the head and background separation, make visual characters will no longer be close to the background. 
Inverse light: emphasize the outline of figure head and shoulders, the level of the space character and the background, in the theatrical performances often used as a light. 
The light of the above listed so many, but in practice, may according to the site and the couple's budget to the actual lighting, although each light a care, but to understand the effect of these light, when doing the lighting there may be some basic reference. Even in the smallest of the wedding, if only two follow spot, according to the couple's stance that we also need to know the follow spot to put the best position. Of course, in conditions allow, we can from the lighting, so that the couple more rich stereo feeling. 
In practice, some also can one lamp is multi-purpose light, such as the most common follow spot, PAR lamp, is the new face stage can be a side light and backlight or contour, backlight, but when the new people in the face of the audience, these lights also could be used, in turn, serve as a positive light, side light, etc. 

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