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Bar lights how to strengthen the lighting effects

We see there in the bar, the only goal is to clear one or a few main body (actors, or dancers), but usually is not the case, the actual goal is quite complex. Light helps to express an emotion, or guide the audience's eyes to a specific location. Can be shown to provide greater depth to the scene, rich layers. Therefore, in the scene to create light, you can ask yourself, what to express tone, is a passionate or desolate helpless or warm heart touching is also ridiculous is nifty and majestic, etc, etc., bar lights on the application, the priority is to achieve effect. Need to do what kind of tone and atmosphere, so that the site needs. Expresses a tone for the entire audience the appearance of the visual image is of vital importance. 
Whether the light set by the enhanced the plot of the story. Whether you need a special lighting effects, if any, are they should use the lamp or created by other means 
A simple example of this is visible light shine or illuminated only need less than 1 SEC effect, how to grasp; At this point you need to apply colours to a drawing theme, specifically including them in, and consider how they, and music synchronization etc., and to have in advance a certainty of mental preparation and real-time. The most important is the main light, auxiliary light, background light and environmental interference light how to do the best combination; Sufficient to create the atmosphere of the service, but not gild the lily. Usually the main light on three quarters of the position (from the front of the main body, 45 degrees and turn upward from the center line of 45 degrees, this location was used as a set a lot of the time), but according to the needs of specific scenarios, can also be used from the main body behind or below, or any other location. The key is the main light is usually first consider the light, and use it to create a preliminary lights in the scene effect; Routine is made of high power back to the light to; Sometimes but shook his head amount to do, can make a better effect than conventional lamps and lanterns; Especially in the main body under or behind, or any other position than conventional lamps and lanterns is free and flexible. 
Lighting design and subject to change with popular bar 
The design of lighting design in the bar, is a very important part of design. Because the bar lighting design is extremely aesthetic feeling is one of the key factors of bar design. The stand or fall of an environment can directly affect the people in the consumer's mood, therefore, lighting designer needs to spend some of idea on the design of lamps and lanterns. 
According to different areas of the bar, for example, the use of light, color and luminosity, and the number of lamps and lanterns, can achieve what kind of lighting effect, is a question worthy of in-depth analysis. Bar lights need to have a gradual process, like the curve of mood or graceful posture, to see the light in the dark place, watching the dark, in the light of different Angle and see the stage landscape is not the same. Knowledge of lighting design is horizontal truth. which, can let a person feel light changes and difficult to capture beauty. A bar with a green, color laser animation or laser beam for home lighting, laser dot matrix and swing laser to adorn action. Other small power beam or all over the sky star as a supplement. 
Although the first place is the original light to illuminate the object provides a good method, but the result is, indeed, monotonous and boring. Shadow is usually very thick? To consider how to overcome his shortcomings. After all, the main light in the scene is one of the most notable light source, be careful. Added light used to populate the scene of darkness and the shadow area, can provide the depth of field and realistic sense. More important supplement of the light from the diffuse; This type of light is important, in part because it can improve the colour brightness of the whole scene. Unfortunately, exaggerated in the auxiliary light if will reduce the overall degree of dark scene, eliminated the characteristics of the some possible, unable to illuminate the subject of any light and shadow model, which makes the scene look not realistic; So be on the low intensity spotlight in the scene or omni placed in an appropriate location. 
This type of auxiliary light should reduce the shaded area, and to be the key at the bottom of the main light of direct illuminate and corner complement some light. In order to obtain ideal result. Ambient light as "marginal" light, usually through light may increase the credibility of the scene, but most of the evening is the background of the fixed die, the performances of the repertoire of auxiliary function is not big, with less; When the opening with a good, of course, is quite proud. In addition the environment interference light is refers to the guest with a son of the lighting, natural diffuse light scattering light, or the environment (pool) diffusion stage lights, lighting management more difficult and the light of the conflict, to try to reduce its brightness is best; But sometimes also can play force, it depends on you the scene of the play. 
Bar as service, atmosphere is crucial, and lighting design is an important element, affect the mood, bar lighting design is not only a couple of the design of the canister light, shoot the light, bar lighting design how to improve taste, there have knowledge greatly. 
Mainly of modern bar design concise, lively, but simple and not drab, bar the lamps and lanterns design also requires simple, clear, this means writing concise, composition to clear. Now lighting design is more extensive and complex forms, machine-made design cannot have satisfied the requirements of The Times, so the light creativity and innovation is still the priority in the design of bar. No ideas, no innovation, creative need to form, innovation requires the content to fill, in the design of bars, the combination of form and content is still the most basic principle. 
With bubble between bar design and cultural taste, style bar is located, the bar itself conveys cultural characteristics and closely combined with the bar decorate a design theme, and give it time. Creative design is not the guest from the form or content always has its unique feature, "meaning" is not easily available, must dig in life and through a large number of accumulation, summary to complete. 
Bar lighting design innovation need to seize the main characteristics of the bar, bar and the flexibility to use design of the related factors, and now the people of light bar design is not just consider how to row of the tubes, what color is on the floor, with or without scanning, but pay attention to the overall modelling is novel, reasonable, including the distribution of composition on the topic and appropriate, and strobe lights lighting source, light color, light and shadow contrast of coordination, the location of the distribution is reasonable, point-blank, transmission, and the level of the diffuse and direction as well as the strength and the arrangement of dazzle light, control method and the program direction, speed, and bar environment fusion, production, installation of standard and convenient, easy maintenance, reasonable cost, high safety, comply with the relevant standards, policies, laws and regulations and other comprehensive factors. 
Bars, design creativity and innovation must through a certain method to specific performance, and graphic design is the most direct expression of the basic method, bar lights graphically creative can use the ritual thinking and visual communication, fusion physics, psychology, physiology, sociology, linguistics, aesthetics and philosophy etc. Comprehensive knowledge of many subjects. Grasp the bar lighting design, to help you your career achievements. 

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