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Basic knowledge of stage lights

Configuration of stage lighting, stage can be divided into Taiwan esrtuary and mouths of lamps and lanterns of two parts, today cool way to step down and introduce a esrtuary stage lighting, stage outlets in faceted light, a slap in the face, box (floor), long the spotlight chamber, have the following five points. 
1. The area light according to the size of the stage, has set up a surface light, the light, even three area light. Surface light configuration should be according to the different distance, different configuration set away from the spotlight, imaging the lamp. The first plane light are near Taiwan mouth, can also add some rib lamp, back light. A face tunnel is light and light on the left, middle and right position should add configuration of focal length is suitable for, power for the spotlights lamps and lanterns, can by the spotlight on its own separate control its brightness and color change, etc. 
2. Slap on both side entablature symmetric Settings, according to the size of the stage, each ear, light can be set up one or two, the configuration of lamps and lanterns, give priority to with the spotlight, lamp, rib lamp, can be a small amount of configuration imaging because the box on the ear is very close to side audience hall, the light use rib, the diffuse light often near the walls as very bright, affect some scene atmosphere, so appropriate use fewer is better. Around each a slap in the face of all the Settings follow spot one set for the spotlights personnel any control action. 
3. The foot light commonly used in Taiwan orchestra pit edge, set foot bad light, the built-in article four dispersion light lamp, color control, mouth width slightly smaller than its length. 
4. The distance the spotlight chamber, generally in the audience around the back of a hall, configuration in gas discharge lamp, such as xenon lamp, all control by the spotlights personnel operations, such as room cannot be set for the spotlight, after is often at the left and right sides of the floor area is set to follow spot. 
5. Box (floor), depending on the theatre can in the box (floor) left, middle and right place, set the lamp configuration spotlight a number, such as the conditions are not permitted, also can not set. 
Above for the basic knowledge of Taiwan used to stage lighting, believe everyone after you have read all had a deeper understanding of the configuration of stage lights, stage lighting consulting, please continue to focus on more families and stage lighting. 

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