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The application of stage lighting technology in the television

Television studio lighting is to choose light and shade, bright and dark, on the flat TV show a strong stereo feeling and depth. Recorded TV programs are not the same, choose the polishing technique is also different. The following section and stage lighting and lighting technology under discussion in the television studio lighting system using in the moment. 
1, reasonable decorate studio location of lamps and lanterns 
When studio lighting, lamps and lanterns of orientation, Angle and direction of the light requires precision adjustment, with light point and the direction of change, the things and the people in the photo there are some different, need according to the character of post and programs need to reasonable lighting. Studio lighting contains multiple viewpoints, multiple types of lights, is not the same as the inevitable lights will directly influence each other. Generally speaking, we play out from behind the camera is called the main light, can be one or many LED film tablet light; Light coming from the camera is opposite with radiation to the camera is called backlighting, usually choose the LED spotlights. The main light and backlight light than degrees usually control in 1:1. Between 5 ~ 1:2. 
2, choice of studio lighting 
Television studio lighting lighting mainly has the following several ways: 
1) three polishing: it's more see polishing technique, first choose the main light, backlighting, auxiliary light, backlight not only can be a positive and negative light, also can set two copies opposite the backlight lights. 
2) soft positive light: this is the flight reservation is shot and a polishing method, choose bottom light illuminate the entire studio comprehensively, get color camera area together, photography character contrast is clear, but the photography too smooth effect. There must add backlight lights, especially from the Angle of photography, photography effect is better. 
3) area lighting, the lighting technique to the television studios first divided into several parts, each part respectively by three point lighting, the lighting in flight was filming more concise and useful. The processing method to assist each bearing by the principal, backlight, auxiliary light, so as to form effective combination. 
3, the lamps and lanterns of debugging the studio 
Studio lighting is a complex art, in the place of lamps and lanterns, also need to division according to the request of the lamps and lanterns that move light fine adjustments, at the same time can also be the light for some problems in the process of filming correction and improvement. If taken character hair shiny, can choose weaken lighting, light and shade to promote all area dim; Hair too dark, can strengthen lighting light and shade, enlarged head shine; Character thinning hair or bald, should reduce use the main light, choose local soft light paper highlighted the other features of characters; If too much photography facial wrinkles, proper use of positive low hard light, use the auxiliary light of relatively soft, reach the role of wrinkles; If a character's facial narrow, it is necessary to pay attention to the outstanding of the nose, down lighting contrast, best use of bilateral summarized light; If shooting are double chin, can use soft light, high set necessary guarantee the lights of the hidden in the shadows of the neck, making the area slants dark, choose a higher camera Angle. 
In practice lighting and there is no fixed pattern, on the basis of the size of the studio, structure, the characteristics of characters and show different need, demand for lamps and lanterns, lighting requirements also is very big. Juicers according to practical case sensitive use different polishing methods and skills, to ensure the best recording effect. 

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