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Perform professional configuration have?

For the use of lamplight, contrast have a high level of specialization, so to speak. Especially in requiring higher performance, the shape of the light and the reasonable use directly related to the quality of the program, so sound engineering lighting planning and selection is very important. Because in many occasions for the use of light more casual, and most people had no idea what is the high quality lighting effects, this makes many users and professional planners significantly to the attention of the lighting system is insufficient, is usually as long as you can install some colourful lights, it does not matter what shape, more doesn't matter what type of lamp, so they form a: spend a lot of lighting system, but the lights of single function, use range narrow, featureless phenomenon. Visible light problem should cause enough attention, here are some commonly used lights equipment simple introduction stage lights. 
A, stage lights 
According to the lamps and lanterns in the azimuth of the stage stage can be divided into: surface light, ear light, side light, backlight lamp, lamp light, astigmatism foot and awning lamp, etc.; In accordance with the projection of lamplight pattern can be divided into: spotlights, floodlight. The lamps and lanterns in traditional stage play an irreplaceable effect, although the modern professional lighting is developing very rapidly, but traditional lamps and lanterns is in the stage of foil atmosphere, enhance the appeal of play and the exterior and the set of color, light and shade processing etc. There are other lamps and lanterns of place, so the traditional stage lamps and lanterns and its control equipment also has a growing in technology. In terms of the spotlight, divide again back to the lights, follow spot light, lens, concrete used in engineering, usually is according to the size of the stage, layout and the interval of the lighting project is divided into: Par36, Par46, Par56, Par64, 1000 w spotlight, 2500 w spotlights and other standards, they are consistent features are: strong directivity, range far, can be according to show clear outline and boundaries. Is usually used to: surface light, spotlight, ear light, side light and rain within the dance floor lamp, etc.; For the floodlight, concrete used in engineering, is divided into 500 w, 500 w, 1000 w, such as specifications, they all have uniform light, projection area is large, the characteristics of the light is downy. Is often used in awning, curtain and so on need large area lighting situations. If in terms of product brands, and general engineering, use of domestic high-quality products should meet the requirements, 
Second, the amount of 
With the rapid development of computer technology, the term "amount" in less than a decade was evident soon, amount also become independent of traditional lamps and lanterns is a new type lamps and lanterns. With powerful computer control technology support, amount in light color, the change of light projection, lighting and rich design aspects, give a person the feeling that find everything new and fresh, many need a lot of traditional lamps and lanterns to realize the role of, perhaps can not achieve the role of the amount of finished up is very simple, and the operation more convenient. Further to the amount of classification, can be divided into: average amount of lights and computer effects. Average amount and the difference between computer effect lights: average amount of function, operation accurate power headlight color is pure, which helps to perform some stage lamps and lanterns, computer effect lights features are: design variety, the manipulation of the brief, especially on the stage or field application has good foil effect. Again further, amount in terms of using light bulbs also have different, can according to the luminous materials, power, light bulb forms structure is divided into: CSI, MSD, MSR, HMI etc., meantime, HMI high luminous intensity, light color pure, but reported to the higher, and easily influenced by wrong operation and damage; On the power amount divided; 150 w, 200 w, 250 w, 300 w, 400 w, 575 w, 1200 w, and other specifications of the products. Is Liz claiborne, the amount of the manufacturer is very much, but the quality is stable, powerful products mainly concentrated in the European and American countries, especially some Italian production amount is very famous in the world. General common ordinary amount of brands are: Clay paky, Studio - Due to card, Sagitter card, High - End, Martin brand, such as computer effect light brands are: Claypaky CARDS, Caef, Griven, Fal card, etc. Clay paky - especially in Italy (odd) amount, the various aspects of performance is very good, the "gold 3" series also won many international awards. 
Three, lighting control equipment 
In earlier lighting equipment, lighting control device is mainly refers to using rheostat, reactance and transformer stage the switch and the dimming control of lamps and lanterns, skills are relatively backward, large volume, also is not very convenient operation, often need a few people can finish the homework. With the development of semiconductor and electronic integration skills, lighting control equipment already have made a breakthrough in the technology, function is perfected, operation becomes very simple, is becoming more and more small volume. Now lighting control equipment, from the types are divided into: point control, dimming table, computer special digital dimming units, dimmer, and other series; Look from can control the light of the road, dimming machine has developed into a modern hundreds or even thousands of controllable optical path; Look from the function, has developed into a: marshalling, primary, SPC, voice control, computer control of a power system; And power device independence from the console part, already developed into a different way, different current, volume is very dainty SCR silicon box and switch box, make more clear division of labor, equipment handling easier, simpler operation. In terms of the types of products, usually the sound engineering commonly used is very convenient, slim volume, price moderate and the light path is not necessarily more products; And on a large performance occasions, usually choose good operation stability, intuitive operation, light path, function more perfect large dimming. Domestic production are also offer cheap, simple small dimming function, they are usually used in general small occasion. 
Four, range hood, 
In terms of today's sound engineering, when planning the light must not forget the choice of the machine. In fact, the machine is used in earlier stage, as the dance while singing, create a special effect equipment, can substitute for dry ice machine. With lighting products more and more, however, the application of sound engineering, especially in places of entertainment applications, we found: machine injection of smoke is light color, light, modelling is very good setoff, in particular, the role of amount of five-color colorful foil more need to smoke, so now dance halls, and even the use of a variety of theatrical performances cannot leave the machine. From the type can be divided into: small single head or multi-head 1000 w, 1500 w series; Large cigarette machine of 2000 w, 4000 w stage and spray snow machine, breed is very rich. 
Five, the other lighting equipment 
If only use the above introduced the main lamps and lanterns, on most occasions or can meet the basic requirements, but with all the entertainment environment and the further requirement of the lighting, lamps and lanterns of some auxiliary beginning in sound engineering use, particularly entertaining guest need to create is different from the performance occasion. There in engineering usually use more lamps and lanterns: light, flashing light, LeiGuang tube and laser. Especially the use of laser, views on the light and make a new understanding, it's wonderful to do with, ever-changing appearance can give a person the sense with novelty, but because of factors, many engineering also in it. 

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