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The stage lighting lighting awning within the system

Awning system is the final stage of lamps and lanterns, to what happens in a projection of stage art background. With the development of stage art, the background part have rarely use awning, but it is still used to call this area the awning system. This area ZhuDeng mainly day row lights, row of lights and special effects lights. 
One, day, discharge lamp 
Day, discharge lamp in the past more than the use of small power lamp, now use 1000 w, 1250 w clouds of iodine tungsten lamp or quadruple the lamp. When using the awning, to obtain the background of the sky clouds form, in addition to the needs in the heaven and earth on using color, line position also USES a lot of cloud light. We can use this kind of lamps and lanterns is through the special drawing method, a variety of clouds in the sky projection, such as sunrise, clouds, clouds, etc., its image and color are very pleasing to the eye. This is the creation of the background light workers in China, has played a large role on the stage show, at present has not used. 
Second, the view slide show 
To get line scene in the awning, the effect of the awning use cast more view slide show in the system. In general to row position placement slide 2 to 3 groups, each group have 3-5 view slide show. Use of slides, can cast on the awning scenery, sky, cloud, etc. In 1964, large music dance epic "the east is red" all use slide show view, from the art was a complete success. Light workers improve the slide in this performance improving equipment transformation and lighting effects of lamps and lanterns. After a long period of time, the company invented a lot of drawing method, to use the slideshow view the road paving. 
Still have a kind of background the performance of the method is to use the awning, is to use painting means will need to show the image of the background of all the paint on the big screen, including the sky and the scenery. Handling of such, lamplight is mainly use the heavens and the earth the brightness and color of lighting, if necessary you can also use concentrated lamps and lanterns, highlight the need to reproduce the scene. When the background processing is shady, can use day in darkness cast some of astigmatism, this level of performance of the whole scene can play a certain role. 
Third, the spotlight 
The spotlight is mainly installed on the surface of light, side light, mouth side light, sometimes use strong inverse the spotlight in the TV party is installed in the high places of the background behind. 
In stage lighting when must have a comprehensive consideration, is the entire play using the spotlight, or individual events, scheduling using the spotlight, including the use of which part of the spotlight, and then determine a lighting scheme under the condition of using the spotlight. When using surface light, side light of the spotlight, its main function is to strengthen the lighting of the characters, the main character is highlighted. Also can use the spotlight shone a figure, through the character's monologue, narrative, to play a connecting role. Spotlight can also be used to emphasize the characters deal with hallucinations, imaginary state, etc. Under the condition of the whole play using the spotlight, lighting design lighting scheme, the arrangement of the lighting atmosphere should be considered, and the function of lighting let the spotlight to complete. 
Mouth side light of the spotlight is mainly used for stage scheduling characters in taichung, behind, or mouth when using the veil, often used to represent the characters' dreams, memories, fantasies, etc. Mouth side light of the spotlight in the spotlight with the surface light or side light when used at the same time, the spotlight can help foil character's clothing color, strengthen character sculpture, etc. 
Shoot TV singer singing, in addition to the positive use of the spotlight also use strong inverse spotlights, make character outline of light more bright, to get a wonderful picture. 

Spotlight a lot of more phyletic, the source of power type, the size is different also, lighting design according to the lighting plan and the spotlight in the role of the show, use them selectively. 

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