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Film and television lighting engineering safety

Stage, film and television lighting engineering safety, is the key to the stage, television studios, safety in production. The progress of science and technology, has been fundamentally improved the technology content and the technical index of lamplight, the light is no longer used specifically to the simple concept of lamps and lanterns and suspended, placed at random, and light is done simply turn on the light. 
Especially for today's television audio-visual art studio lighting configuration is a large mechanical and electrical systems engineering. 
From design to use, its art with technology, as well as technical parameters to the camera, and to meet the needs of the actors performing arts; Both to show artistic atmosphere, and to make the atmosphere environment; Express program art connotation and moved the audience psychological resonance. This huge project, including many links. 
We know that the studio lighting control room to place the low voltage power distribution ark, clothes closet that move light, (derrick, lamps and lanterns, driving) terminal cabinets, dimmer, other control (follow spot power control, etc.). After modification, we left after the studio backdrop, the second floor corridor, the equipment layer added secondary transfer move light socket and direct outlet ark, derrick, lighting control cabinet, (derrick, lamps and lanterns, driving) terminal cabinets, hanging motor system, composite boom, lamps and lanterns, etc. 
Maybe, friends ask, in many link, what is the most important? 
Safety! Safety is the most important. Is each link in the security, this is absolute, and yes, no not careless. 
Security, is technology. Security, the lamp can be bright, the audience to sit still. Only security, to ensure that art. We often say: the technology is in the service of art and technology is one of the important supporting embodies artistic connotation. Technology security is lost, and we are talking about art? 
In order to achieve television cameramen, recording, broadcast technology quality indicators, create the television screen lighting art effect, television lighting engineering safety problems it can cause our attention. 
Simply speaking, television lighting engineering safety, is the use of security. 
In order to use the safety, we must strictly: 
A design, safety design include two aspects, on the one hand, the security of it, on the other hand is its applicability. Structure and charge are two important part of security. 
1. The structure should be considered in the design of various factors, such as height and load capacity, generally we to television images of height to width ratios determine the height of the curtain. The curtain has equipment layer above, hanging equipment, rail, air conditioning pipe, fire hose, etc., they are all occupies a space height and interval of the total, total height is the studio. And bearing capacity, it is the amount of weight and the weight of the equipment. 
2. As for the electrical charge we should put forward enough in the design of bearing requirements. In addition to meet the current electricity load, also should be after the transformation, the development of appropriate scope. Leave room and safe sense. 
3. As for the applicability Is the lighting system can achieve color television to the basic requirement of lighting for prerequisites. Can not meet the basic demand will talk about is not applicable. 
For color TV, the first thing to satisfy the camera to the basic requirement of the intensity of illumination. Different cameras have different intensity of illumination, but one thing we want to know, that is: high intensity of illumination, waste money; Low intensity of illumination, image is bad. 
To sum up, the reliability design of security, applicability and economical efficiency. 
Second, the material security 
1. Select material to product quality, performance, safety is the first standard. To the primary equipment, parts, equipment, wires and the assembly quality of the materials, accessories, performance, function, operation, failure rate, the safety index, maintenance and production supplier's production capacity, operation and management, after-sales service and so on to conduct a comprehensive understanding and compared. According to the size of the studio, function, layout, intensity of illumination and camera angles, many reservation factors such as production, selection of good quality, excellent performance, suitable for studio function, equipment layout requirements. And not blindly into, otherwise, will cause great waste. 
2. Select material safety must begin from two aspects of fire protection and equipment safety. Because the studio is a public place, the people gathered, liquidity is big, so we choose the equipment, equipment, etc., in addition to the various requirements of the specification, but also related to fire some of the problems, also want to consider the security problem of mechanical equipment. Ceiling temperature is too high, can let the cable fever; Hundreds of cable laying dense in cable trough, cable between the heat shield effect, also makes heating cable and so on. In addition, the lamps and lanterns, light clothes closet is big heat equipment, also want to consider their cooling condition and operation safety reliability of the device itself. 
3. It is very important to the safety of the lamps and lanterns. Related to the safety performance of electrical, explosion, fire, prevent fall and problems involving personal safety, can't let go. Camera lens cracking caused by material of production, color paper clip fixed instability, lamp GongGu lock device is not firm, lamps and lanterns of insurance line slants thin, etc. Connectors production material inappropriate material, resulting in poor contact, local temperature rise too high, even lighter, serious can cause a fire. Should cause our attention in particular, is by the heat from the transformation of electric light source in the studio. Bulbs and lamps shell temperature, enough to form the studio curtain, installations, props such as fuel security threat. Because most of the film and television of lamps and lanterns is high-power lamps and lanterns of thermal radiation light source. When the light source, less than 20% of a small amount of electric energy into light energy, and most electric energy transformed into heat energy. As a result, the film and television spotlights, film and television omni during installation and use, must be from any other object, keep enough distance. 
4. Especially the use of film and television back light, more should cause our vigilance and attention. Back light lamps and lanterns USES is spherical luminous principle of concave mirror reflector reflects light, formed in the process of focusing the focus we can produce high heat. So, back to the light cast light convergence point, a far enough distance by projectile, and to avoid the curtain and other flammable items. 
5. Machinery and equipment, hanging equipment safety is more important, so many equipment hung dangling, and staff here are actors, the audience, of course, the choose and buy of the reliability of the equipment you must be high enough. At the same time, strengthen the maintenance of equipment. All in all, select material is reliability, applicability and economy security. 
Three, operation safety 
Safe operation is in accordance with the rules and regulations, procedures complete equipment operation procedures. Do it at least does not cause equipment dysfunction. Safe operation is also must request of our work. Familiar with and understanding of the equipment, is to improve the operation skills, the premise of safe operation. 
Studio lighting systems engineering, television program manufacture quality, therefore, mastery of each link in the system, the understanding, is the precondition of improve the quality of studio programme production. To ensure that the studio programme production, especially the safety of the broadcast program production and broadcast, lighting engineering system of the normal work of each link to provide technical support, provide necessary guarantee for safety broadcast. Because the lighting system has large electricity consumption, load in the programme production process timely change fast, long line multifarious diameter and main work links, each link in the operation, a little careless, easy to malfunction, appear beyond. Therefore, operating safety is the first priority in programming. 
In short, operation safety and reliability, applicability and economy. 
Design, material selection and operation safety, they are three inseparable organic unity. The organic unity, in the studio program production, for the television picture quality, provides the effective lighting engineering technical support, fully display its function stability. All the meaning of a television studio lighting engineering safety is: all for the screen and the audience. 
Four, all for the screen and the audience 
In order to screen and the audience, this is the sacred duty of television workers. In order to screen and the audience, a television studio lighting engineering system must be safe. In order to screen and the audience, lighting engineers will be familiar with studio lighting engineering system of the equipment, installation, function, transmission and terminal task, familiar with and master the performance of all equipment and mutual connection and restriction, in strict accordance with the procedures standardized operation, to the programming to safe, reliable and stable lighting technology support and cooperation. 

Studio lighting engineering safety, is the foundation of juicers lighting art, this is the absolute prerequisite, and lighting and lighting art capacity as one of the absolute rule. Lamp lighting engineering security the studio huge group of strong, weak, bright and dark, support the rainbow effect of lighting art. In short, safe, light to light; Lights lit, art can be carefree, without stop without borders to create. Friends, we have to think of it, it is a kind of what kind of happiness. Don't just pay attention to small things like actors, the only thing I worry about is - the sun. If the light is no problem, we will be all right. 

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