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The stage lighting room lighting design basic idea

In KTV entertainment facilities such as lighting design should not only pay attention to lighting needs, and stage lighting is the pursuit of fashion, the atmosphere in the room can use these lighting design rendering. Then we KTV rooms lighting design is the basic idea of what kind of? Here just share with you some knowledge on the subject. 
Room lighting design has the following a few basic ideas: 
(1) the first in the KTV room lighting design is to provide basic illumination in the room requirements, through the various levels of lamplight decorate, provide rooms in different areas at different times of the lighting needs, the guests in the normal practice has just entered the room and the guests song when lighting requirements are needed to have the difference. 
(2) through a good lighting design, families, and moving head light for our guests to provide an easy and comfortable place to rest. 
(3) an organic combination of lighting design and decoration design itself, it can create an atmosphere of modern fashion. 
(4) through our rooms in the light of scientific and reasonable arrangement, give the guests to provide a place for private communication. 
(5) a reasonable lighting control, convenient for the guests to provide a kind of nobility and humanized services. 
(6) reflect the grade lead consumption is one of the rooms lighting design basic idea. 

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