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The stage lighting effects

Light can foil a atmosphere play a huge role, make stage has vitality, light like actors also in performance. Light can produce the following effects: 

1, clear 

Clarity is the most important purpose of stage lights, clear depends on: stage size, the distance of the stage from the audience, centered on the merits of the strength of the stage lights, lighting equipment, light color. Yellow light penetration is strongest, other colors are in turn blue, green, orange and red. Strong but the lights is not clear, in order to make the audience quickly and easily see hope they see as part of the can rely lights, don't want the audience to see, to use lights. Between the scene with the view, or sometimes between dance and dance lights to replace the curtain, destroy, etc can be used to rapidly in the darkness for the curtain, in actors or other figures, such doing can do not need to pull the curtain. 

2, If the light intensity on the stage, toward the foreground of the light, like the lights of the actors on the face or the dancer is strong, the importance of actors will abate, or show not to come out of the dancer's appearance. Platform, scenery, artist, all characters in the same light, like a picture frame, or a no level, no depth of oil painting. Lighting effect is one of the prominent figures, to distinguish them with foreground or awning, behind them and they formed between layers, to show the difference, at the same time, create the necessary shadow, thus prominent figure. Foreground lighting can be reduced, and the only light in one over ten of the actors, to highlight the character and the side lights also helps to highlight characters, use by the light from behind like photography, sometimes also can achieve the same purpose, but you can't let the audience see the light source. 
3, imitation of nature 
Use lamplight to imitate nature, especially used to represent the seasons, or say different hour of a day, such as night and day, dawn and dusk. Lights can also suggest that tropical sun or frigid cold, can represent the moon night's beauty and charm, the change of the light color to convey the meaning and emotion has a great effect. 
4, structure, 
If you like a painter painting color using the stage lights, by the light, shadow and color of different ideas and structure, the stage is a masterpiece of the artist, and it is a constantly moving picture, with the development of dramatic plot design of lighting, constantly changing. 
5, suggests that effect 
The colour of the light of the bright, warm can foil comedy scenes need proper atmosphere. Bright light and dim shadow ambiguous blurry scene is suitable for performance. Phosphor or gorgeous light said supernatural scene, and the gray light can produce effect of tragedy... 

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