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The stage lighting into focus again

Stage light show is inherently are adored by people, some of the fancy stage lighting is more memorable. Stage lighting show this year is a scene after scene, presented in front of an audience of a than a good-looking, stage it is the focus of the modern people to communicate, in the light of art under the influence, people are becoming more and more attention in many previously only on the screen. Now can see clearly, experience the real life looks great, feeling how much lighting designers. Through so much, such a big stage lighting show, let us know about modern life and customs. 
10 in 2010, a long vacation the first to catch the eye of spectators show, the light show during the Shanghai world expo. Don't have to be a long line into the museum visit, the expo in Shanghai area, people can see the amazing light show, the colorful city night scene, fresh and alive. More of the Shanghai world expo highlights click: the mysteries of the Shanghai world expo and light 
10, after a visit to the expo, if you are a sound light and music professional users, don't hurry to leave Shanghai, followed by another event and light industry in Shanghai new international expo center in 12, the grand opening. This exhibition professional lighting audio hall attracted a total of more than 400 enterprises, respectively, from Austria, Canada, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Britain, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Liechtenstein, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, the United States and other 19 countries and regions, the exhibition area of 23000 square meters. The exhibition attracted many well-known enterprises in the field of lighting sound, from Germany, South Korea, the exhibitors will also be in the form of a pavilion exhibitors. Exhibits involving professional audio technology, professional lighting equipment, laser technology and the stage effects, broadcast audio equipment, stage, and associated with professional lighting &audio studio technology and computer hardware, software, and media, and other fields. Click more information on the exhibition: 2010 Shanghai international professional lighting audio and music show 
Domestic cultural industry needs to maintain high growth, the Shanghai world expo and the guangzhou Asian games, the two biggest international event went to China, but also promote the purchasing requisition and light industry. 

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