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The stage lighting lamp decorate a method

1. The optical system design configuration 
Top light effect is deep performance space necessary for stage lighting, roof light configuration used in all sorts of lamps and lanterns, greatly increased light pervious to light quality, can make to the top of the stage lighting or dyed with light. 
A. configure distribution of lamps and lanterns is as follows: 
Above the stage, with a dome light boom of 20. Each top light with different number of lamps and lanterns, respectively. 
B. the arrangement of lamps and lanterns and the projection method: 
The first top light and area light of corresponding starring lighting area, cohesion when pay attention to the height of the characters, can be at the top of the first line of the light position as a point light and placed special lighting, and select the part of the lamp lighting lands protection; The second to the tenth way to direct investment after the stage, also can vertically downward projection, can strengthen the stage characters and scenery space illumination. Stage lands front row light links up, get more uniform color and brightness.  
2. The amount of configuration design 
Amount of main arrangement at the top of the above the stage to light on the light pole, can be arbitrary adjust the projection Angle of lamps and lanterns, brightness, transformation design, beam size, color, and other functions, to ensure that meet the performance requirement on the amount of change.  
3. The light color changer design configuration 
Installed on the part of the lamps and lanterns of color change, the role of stage light, dyeing, color changes, foil plot, colorful effect. 

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