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Karaoke dance halls lighting design the usual three

1 and understand the business direction (purpose) of the ballroom and investment. 
2, pay attention to the size of the ballroom, especially the size of the stage, dance floor, space height, as well as the overall art design, decoration design requirements, these are the key factors influencing the design. 
3, power supply, power supply. 
Dance halls in a variety of forms, there is no fixed pattern, according to its nature of entertainment can be roughly divided into three classes of karaoke bars, dance halls, dance halls. 

1, karaoke bars 
Purely karaoke, completely is in the form of amusement, demand for lighting and audio are not too high. Lights are considered in the design of the whole environment atmosphere build, give a person the sense with ease, sweet romance, on the selection of lamps and lanterns, should choose some more directional lamps and lanterns, combined with a certain shape. Mechanization of lamps and lanterns should choose slow variety, power, color to choose some. Uv lamp glass ball, light lamp is its representative. With little lamp, little lamp belt, the trot, light and small lights on the stage for some elaborate adornment, constitute a small corps have interest, distinctive, effect is easy to do well. With the development of the karaoke, karaoke bars appeared with a video camera. When considering the characteristics of the camera, lighting design will make proper arrangement on singing OuDeGuang. Generally choose small spot or small lamp modelling to the singer's design of a certain intensity of illumination ZaoXingGuang characters, to ensure the program of tape out with clear characters, image is clear. 
2, dance hall, 
Ballroom can be divided into the tees (dance) hall and dancing dancing (slow) hall class. The lights of the dance floor is the most can make a person feel light, color colorful charm, especially with the music song, melody, rhythm and the changing light makes people crazy ideas, more make people intoxicated. On the design of the light, the layout of the directional lamps and lanterns is strewn at random have send, the direction of the projection is omni-directional, combined with the control system can produce sharp, strong sense of rhythm. Mechanization of lamps and lanterns can consider more, but pay attention to the speed on the dynamic combination configuration, should have fast or slow, wants profusion colour. Especially has acoustic power system mechanical lamps and lanterns, more rhythm makes the heart fibrillation frequency adjustable power frequency flash more preferred varieties. Attention should be paid to the point, lamps and lanterns variety choice, must assure the more the amount of light, as long as the economy permits, ballroom of the lamp is not too much. On the choice of control equipment, want to choose the console can self-programming, back to the way of SCR will be more, but does not require much power. The purpose is to ensure that lighting engineers can control all the lights can follow, in this way can the most fully display the charm of light. 
3, large dance halls 
The nature of the club, in the form of a professional performance, and the feature of karaoke, ballroom. Its mode of operation, is more focused on high-level art performance and singing, with professional level. Dance halls of the design, general requirements have larger space, especially high not too low, the stages are relatively independent, complete, some even hold complex activity stage, revolving stage. Dance halls of the performances of the all-encompassing, drama, comedy, dance, solo, medley is all there is. Different types of programs, and even different emotional appeal of music, songs, are required to have different lighting effects to foil atmosphere, that gives light control, to consider the lighting design. 
(1) basic light - in order to let the audience see the stage, see clearly show. First, a basic lighting for the whole stage. This basic lighting including uniform white light and light illumination. The white light of the basic lighting is a must, but the intensity of illumination requirement is not high, especially in some occasions, enjoy many or some performances of orgasm, or some special performance (such as magic), basic white light is particularly important. Basic color is the atmosphere of the whole stage light. Decide the tone for the whole lighting effects, or enthusiasm is bold and unrestrained, or romance, or sibilant table melancholy. On the choice of lamps and lanterns and light in front of the stage to the stage, should choose the spotlight, colored light is obtained by adding color filters, colour shoulds not be too deep, on the roof of the stage, and the back of the stage (backlight) general use spotlight, also available to shoot the light beam, the direction of the light cast on reward from behind, brightness can be brighter, color also can choose some relatively thick. 
(2) the character of light - group performances, the lighting of large area is solved by basic white light. Local lighting, lighting of the host, follow spot solved, so it's best to 2 to 3 sets follow spot, to cope with different situations. Team or other relatively fixed performers, available to shoot the light beam fixed point light. 
(3) background - dance halls of the background light will change with the different of the performers, with each change because of beauty or programs. Ambient light is to put the background content appropriate stand out, make them merge into performance, foil theme, common background lights with awning lights, curtain lights, lamp light beam, etc. 
Basic effect lights - (4) is composed of directional beam type lamps and lanterns, have the model of three dimensional space aesthetic feeling, color variety, shape can be made of stage lighting engineers combination, change at will. 
(5) the special effect of light - because of its superior performance and protean effect, it is the best special effects of lamps and lanterns. But the amount of price is quite expensive, therefore must under the premise of guarantee basic light and effect is being considered. At the same time, due to the use amount, can relatively reduce the number of basic effect lights. The lamps and lanterns, light machinery because its function is a single, fixed, will feel that they are not good control, but with less. 
(6) lighting console - the above all sorts of lights are needed to control the brightness. Generally adopts thyristor device control. When choosing the lighting console, appropriate chooses the effect function of strong, controllable goes back more than console the types of products, easy to operate. Economic permits, had better choose the computer console. 

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