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Hotel multi-function hall and stage lighting applications

Star hotel is the city's economic development's major industry, the development pattern of a direct impact on the development of the city. And the multi-functional banquet halls in the hotel is the hotel business travel, meetings, the main reception site theme exhibition, more embodies a star hotel overall level of foreign hospitality services. 
Multifunctional banquet hall with traditional lighting system is mainly to meet the conventional lighting, general lighting and other basic requirements of the meeting. And modern, new hall lighting system is using high-tech means, make give priority to with "multimedia digital special effects technology of seeing and hearing" the experience of the banquet hall, emphasize the integration of the operation is simple, rich in content of sound and light effects. Its function orientation is varied, can satisfy large conference, all kinds of wedding banquet, product launches, fashion show, short plays, acrobatics, pop music, comprehensive cultural performances, local operas performances such as all kinds of performance requirements. So the design and application of high stability, high quality lighting, audio, video equipment and the corresponding system is the most basic guarantee to achieve these performance requirements. 
Ballroom stage function structure design 
Star multi-functional banquet hall with different function orientation, insist on stage have different types to meet different functions for performing arts, such as meeting mode and the performing arts stage mode, comprehensive cultural stage stage mode has a completely different style. However, due to the relatively regular features in the design of the banquet hall is decorated and decorative aesthetic requirements the limitation of objective conditions, such as if in different types of sites in the stage is not science, is also not desirable. This needs according to the different function, first to design a can satisfy the normal performance of basic stage, basic lighting audio video system, and equipped with corresponding stage of mechanical system, and give full consideration to the reserved part of the equipment system interface to expansion and equipped with special performance requirements to different stage model, meet the demand of the director's creative. 
Banquet hall of conventional structural design stage 
Banquet hall with an area of about 1100 m2, design a basic routine stage in this space, can meet at the banquet hall all kinds of big small and medium-sized conventional cultural performances, banquets, meetings, small company product launch activities such as demand. Stage design size of about 15 m wide, about 6 m, covers an area of about 90 m2 of rectangular stage. Height of 60 cm, on both sides of the stage and stage mouth edge set four levels to walk the stairs on both sides, so that the actors, the host or leadership in different directions in and out of the stage. 
Ballroom stage structure design 
On the basis of the conventional stage, extending outward to about 2.5 m depth, formation of about 15 m wide, about 8.5 m deep, area of about 128 m2 stage, suitable for large and medium-sized performance activities and meetings, etc. Same on both sides of the stage and stage mouth edge on both sides of the set of four level 3 to walk the stairs. 
T stage performances structural design stage 
For some large brand conference, fashion activities, in the conventional stage external different length of runway, actor or all kinds of brand products can be on a runway show to the audience, at the same time make full use of all kinds of lights, such as conventional, multimedia digital light, lamp, on the stage and runway as spread light staining respectively. Form a thrust stage, interaction and close watch. 
Separation of small stage design 
For small and medium-sized banquet, concerts, conferences, multi-function hall can be separated two each of about 500 m2 small hall, structures, two small stage, the stage is disassembly type aluminum alloy stage, covers an area of about 10 m x 4.5 m. 


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